The Top 100M Sprint Spikes

Sprinting is all about speed and getting the most out of an athlete’s body. The equipment used by a runner can play a very important role when it comes to delivering the best performance. For the sprinters out there who would like to have the best tools at their disposal, we have listed here the qualities of the top 100m sprint spikes that are available in the market today. These are the qualities in spikes that can help deliver the best performance. You have to be sure that the spike that you will be picking will be made with the highest quality and the finest materials available. You need this information, if you will be buying a good pair of running spikes real soon.

Weight- Like any shoes used in sports, spikes need to be lightweight. That is one of the most important qualities that it should have. The weight of the shoes, if too heavy, might slow a runner down. The aim of spike makers is to make products that can provide the same sensation as barefoot running. This could be a challenge to designers since the number of lightweight materials that can be used is limited. This is also the same quality of the shoes that are used for trail running and other forms of running. Whether you are running for long distances or just for short bursts, footwear that’s lightweight is king.

Materials- The best materials for this type of footwear are the ones that utilize synthetic materials, since these are more lightweight and allow a greater freedom of movement. Using leather for part of these spikes is not a wise move since leather is a heavy material. Another reason for this preference for synthetic materials is the fact that they can be more durable. Your spikes could last a lot longer.

Sole- This is where the main difference between sprint shoes and other shoes lie. Sprint shoes are equipped with stiff spikes that help you to get a better grip on the ground. With these spikes it becomes possible for you to release an explosive amount of force from the very first step that you take. There is no longer any need for building up your body’s momentum when you start running. The way that the spikes are laid out can also play a crucial role in the way that your shoes can help in your performance. Various designs and configurations have been tried out in regards with these spikes in the past.

Those are just some of the qualities that you can find on the best spikes today. If you are not familiar, then you might as well go for the bigger brands like Nike and Adidas where you can be sure to get consistent high quality from their products. As you gain more experience, then you can try out other brands. Just remember that your performance on the track and field will depend both on your abilities, and the tools that you pick in order to help you.