Small Backpacks for Toddlers

If you’re looking for small backpacks for toddlers you’ve come to the right place. My search for small kids backpacks took me all over the internet or so it seemed. You’d think that there would be a lot more manufacturers of small backpacks for kids than there actually are. But I had something in mind. I wanted toddler backpacks that were cute and that my daughter would feel proud and happy with when I dropped her off at pre-school. For a large selection of small backpacks for toddlers you could do worse than visiting Amazon.

We have a little puppy at home that we call Patch. That’s because his one eye is black from the surrounding fur and the rest of him is mostly white. He’s a mutt that my daughter chose from the local shelter. And why am I telling you this considering I’m writing about backpacks for kids?

That’s because the backpack we got for my Maggie was the one you see in the picture that reminded her of Patch and that’s the one we chose. It’s called the Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack and you can buy it for cheap at Amazon. It cost us around twenty bucks or so and there are a whole variety of them to choose from.

The Skip Hop Zoo toddler backpack is available in bees, owls, monkeys, zebras and a bunch of other cute animals. Plus it has an insulated pocket for snacks, a mesh water bottle holder and the straps are well padded. The zips are pretty sturdy and it is appropriately sized for toddlers and young kids. This is important because we or Maggie can’t overload these small kids backpacks so it won’t get too heavy for Maggie to carry.

If you’re looking for small backpacks for toddlers than I’d highly recommend this Skip Hop Zoo kid’s backpack. The only thing is, I wish that they had these when I was growing up and heading off to school 😉