7 Seater BMW

The 7 seater BMW, can there be a better car? I think not. And the great thing about BMW is that they make one of the best 7 seater SUVs to choose from. The BMW X5 7 seater SUV rides like a car but will fit up to 7 people quite spaciously. The 7 seater BMW is also fast, but more importantly, carrying 7 people in this BMW is not difficult and doesn’t hamper the ride and styling either. In fact, when I first had a look at the 7 seater X5 by BMW I was surprised that it carried 7 adults.

It doesn’t look that much bigger than the BMW X3. In fact it is only a little over half a foot longer than the X3 and about 3 to 4 inches wider in the back. But such is German engineering for you that you can fit in that third row seating without needing a couple of extra feet. Plus it’s pretty easy to get that third row in and out if needs be.

This BMW 7 seater is a fine choice if you can spring for the money. With all wheel drive and BMWs adaptive headlights you seem very safe and you are. And considering all the technological advances you get in the BMW X5 7 seater the list price of anywhere from $46 to $60k doesn’t seem all that unreasonable. After all, this is a BMW.

And with that, you get heated 3rd row seating in this 7 seater BMW, and for some parts of our country where you can bank on real winters, this is something not to be overlooked especially if you have a large family. The panoramic roof is wonderful and gives you that extra roomy feel even when all 7 seats of your BMW are occupied and with the onboard navigation system with traffic alerts, not only will you never get lost, you’ll never get there late either.

Not everyone can afford a 7 seater BMW. If that was the case, BMW wouldn’t mean much more than VW. But if you can spring for the money, I don’t think you’ll find better 7 seater cars and you’ll certainly be happy with your 7 seater BMW.