Cheap Comforter Sets

A general price point for cheap comforter sets

Welcome to cheap comforter sets. Today I’m going to give you some information on where to buy cheap comforter sets as well as why you might consider cheap comforter sets for your own home. But perhaps the first question to ask is what is considered cheap comforter sets. This is an important distinction because cheap comforter sets for folks in the Hamptons might be Ralph Lauren on sale. You can search for comforter sets on Amazon amongst other places.

For this discussion, I consider cheap comforter sets to be those that are under $100 for the set. Now of course that depends on what we consider to be a set and if you have a king sized bed and you’re looking for king sized cheap comforter sets then you’ll pay more than if you’re just finding twin sized cheap comforter sets.

Looking quickly on Amazon, I found at least 150 cheap comforter sets for under $100. This didn’t seem too bad. But you’ve got to compare apples to apples so I’ll be using queen sized cheap comforter sets as a comparison and not double sized cheap comforter sets or any other sizes.

The cheapest cheap comforter sets

The cheapest cheap comforter sets which are also called cheap bed in a bag sets are around $20 but then you’re looking at stuff like cheap zebra queen comforter sets which aren’t really my thing. For something more modern and that will fit in most home decor get ups expect to pay around $50 for cheap comforter sets an example of which you can see in the picture.

That’s not bag considering what you get. Usually, a complete cheap comforter set will include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and at least 2 pillow cases. So you’re getting 4 pieces at least and very often 6 pieces as with a queen comforter set you’ll often get 4 pillow cases.

Don’t forget that when you’re buying cheap comforter sets from Amazon if it’s over $25 you’ll usually get free shipping and personally, I love that. I love getting my products delivered to my home saving me from having to go out shopping for cheap comforter sets.