What Are Risks With Wearing Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are a good option for some people who need help with their vision but do not want to wear eyeglasses. Contact lenses are small and fit right on the eye and are convenient. Contact lenses do come with some risks that people who wear them might not be aware of. And since many people are interested in getting colored contacts without prescription, they should pay attention.

The risk of infection of the eye itself is low with contact lenses, but there are common side effects and minor bothersome problems that surface quite often with the continued wearing of contact lenses.

Dry eyes are common. It is common to have to use special drops to help keep moisture on the eye. You may experience allergic reactions to the solution that you need to clean your contact lenses.

Another problem you may experience with wearing contact lenses is you may have some inflammation of the eyelids. What can happen is that the inside of the eyelid may develop bumps that become inflamed. This can become very irritating to the wearer of the contact lenses and may make wearing contact lenses difficult due to the constant irritation. This irritation makes wearing the lenses very uncomfortable.

One problem that one may have when wearing contact lenses is problems that can occur with the cornea. The eye needs oxygen and it is possible that while wearing the lenses the eye may not get the oxygen to the cornea it needs. This can cause hazy vision and even swelling to the eye itself. Wearing contact lenses can even cause the cornea to become scratched, which can impair vision. It is possible that the cornea can change shape with the repeated use of contact lenses. And, with the continued wearing, the cornea itself can even become infected.