Oakley Laptop Bag

For those of you who are big fans of Oakley, this Oakley laptop bag article should give you some more ideas of increasing the amount of Oakley swag that you have. Oakley laptop bags are not only cool and fashionable they are also very versatile. And in this short look at the Oakley laptop bag we’ll give you a couple of options to choose from whatever your style is. To start shopping for an Oakley laptop bag please click here.

The 2 main types of Oakley laptop bags that we’ll discuss today can be seen in the images to the left and the right. On the left hand side we have the traditional Oakley laptop bag and the kind of laptop bag that most folks envision when they think of laptop bags. On the right we have another Oakley laptop bag, the Oakley kitchen sink pack.

My favorite Oakley laptop bag

My favorite kind of Oakley laptop bag is the Oakley kitchen sink pack. If you commute a lot by bus or plane or train then I think this type of Oakley laptop bag is best. Here’s why. It’ll take all of your Oakley gear with you wherever you go. It includes a compression molded eyewear pocket for your goggles’ protection as well as side pockets. You can click here to buy it on the cheap.

It also includes a padded sleeve to protect your laptop of up to 17 inches and it has a media player pocket with port to protect your iPod or other media player while still letting you listen to them tuned. It also has drainage ports at the bottom to help allow wet items to dry and it has a mobile phone pocket too plus cable zipper pulls that can be locked for added security.

If you are solely looking for an Oakley laptop bag that is more business and less weekend warrior then the Oakley laptop bag on the left will fit into the most high powered corporate banking meetings like a charm. It is comfortable to carry for extended periods and has ample room for files and folders as well as your laptop up to 17 inches wide. You can click here to buy it for the best price.

There are your top choices for an Oakley laptop bag. Both are great, it just depends what kind of versatility you are looking for or what primary function you expect out of your Oakley laptop bag.