Taste of the Wild Dog Food Review: The Wetlands Formula

Taste of the Wild dog foods are considered by many as amongst the best dog foods that are available today. It offers adequate nutrition at reasonable prices. The most important aspect of Taste of the Wild dog food however is something that can only be fully appreciated by our pets. This is the flavors under which their formulas can be bought. Just read a Taste of the Wild dog food review or product description to see what I mean. Their dog foods are available in flavors that have been formulated in order to mimic the taste of the food that your pets could get if they were living in the wild on their own. That means they enjoy eating Taste of the Wild products more than any other brand that is currently on the market.

Let us take a closer look at one of their formulas and examine its ingredients and nutritional value. Let’s examine the Taste of the Wild Wetlands Formula. The website of the company says that this formula contains sweet potatoes, peas, and fowl meat which has been roasted or smoked. The fowl meat in the ingredient is actually duck’s meat and chicken meat. It also contains turkey, quail, and egg products. The egg product indicated is a form of dehydrated eggs. This part of the ingredient is easy to digest and is highly nutritious. The meat portion of the ingredient has a very high protein content. The sweet potato contained in the formula is a great source of carbohydrates. It is also a good source of fiber, beta carotene, and other healthy nutrients needed by the body. Like sweet potatoes, peas are also a good source of fiber for the body. This formula also lists chicken fat as one of its main ingredients, which is produced by boiling chicken meat and skimming the fat off the top.

Considering the ingredients and all the nutrients that your animal can get from this formula of Taste of the Wild, one can consider this to be an above average animal food product. The Wild Wetlands formula in particular provides a huge amount of protein from its varied poultry meat contents. This product is meant for all life stages which means that it has all the nutrients needed by puppies. You have to be careful about feeding that kind of dog food to adults and full grown dogs however since it would have a high calcium content which can have negative effects on an adult dog’s health.

The best step for you to take would be to consult your veterinarian of the kind of diet that you should have for your dog. While Taste of the Wild make some high quality products and they offer great prices, the nutritional requirements of an animal should be considered individually to make sure that they will stay strong and healthy and free from sickness and disease. This is true for all of the formulas that you can get from Taste of the Wild and not just their Wetlands formula.