Looking for the Best Sports Footwear? Turn to Eastbay Shoes

Eastbay is one of the leading suppliers of sports shoes, clothes, and equipment in the whole world. They offer a huge line of the finest products from the leading brands that are available today. The company started out in 1980 when two friends decided to start a company that sells shoes. They came up with a unique idea to reach their potential customers. They started to set up shoe clinics in their home state to teach people about the value of buying the right kind of footwear. They came up with a price list and catalogue that have complete descriptions of the products that they sell.

All of these innovative ideas helped their customers come up with the right decision when it comes to the shoes that they are planing to buy. Eight years after they started, they hired phone operators to take orders and they developed a Team Sales division which catered to the needs of whole athletic teams. All of these new ideas became a factor for the increase in the sales of the company that by 1990 they occupied a whole city block just for their sales operation. It was also in the same year that they started to offer their own line of sports clothes, from shorts, to jackets and other accessories. Today Eastbay has expanded and changed to reflect the trend in the world market. They have taken into account the tremendous potential that the Internet has to offer and have created their website as an online shopping platform.

Eastbay shoes present the widest array of sports footwear that you can imagine. When you visit their website you will see the the huge list of sports that they can provide footwear for. No matter what sports activity you are engaged in, you are sure to find the shoe of your choice at Eastbay. From football, to basketball, to wrestling and soccer you can bet that Eastbay has the right shoe for you. They also have a great number of options when it comes to sports clothing and accessories as well. They have the latest sports equipment for sale under their own brand. Eastbay has also branched over into selling street clothes. They offer clothes and accessories that you can wear when you are not playing any games and you are just hanging out with your friends.

You won’t be disappointed when it comes to the brands that they offer either. They have the leading names in different sports categories. They have Nike, Puma, Reebok, Oakley, Hurley and dozens more. The prices that they offer are also very competitive. The Nike Air Ultra Max for Men for example, can be bought from their site for about $160. Anyone who knows anything about basketball shoes can tell you that that is a real bargain. There are dozens of other deals like that waiting for you to discover them.

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