The Best Places to Dock in North America

Boating can be a major part of a person’s lifestyle. Without a doubt, it is fun and also provides enough excitement for anyone to really love it as a regular activity or maybe as a hobby. It provides excellent diversion for those who are looking to get some time off from their very hectic life, and that may include work or other serious matters. A person may choose to do it all by his lonesome, allowing him to have some quality time for himself, not worrying about anything or anyone else. But he could opt for the other option, which means that he has some company with him whenever he goes boating. That company could be his family, sneaking in some bonding time while boating. Or he might be with his friends, just trying to have some good time. It could be anything actually, but the bottom line is that boating is a considerable part of the lifestyle.

I must admit that I have never been able to imagine the kind of impact that boating would have on my own personal life. It came at a point in my life where I was looking for something new to enjoy, and it might even be a new hobby. In fact it could be anything, as far as I was concerned, as long as the level of enjoyment that I could derive from it is something that I have never experienced ever before. So I somehow became interested and then got on a few boating trips that a few friends of mine were having. It was a regular thing, although I have never shown much interest to it in the past at all. But when I came with them that time, I was pleasantly surprised at the fun that I had, and we only went for a relaxing cruise then. Succeeding boating trips had us doing some fishing as well, and it all led me to buy my own boat.

So it was that in the long run, I really became thankful that I bought a boat, and that I even discovered boating in the first place. Main reason for that is that it has become something of a family tradition for my very own family to go on boating excursions whenever we have the time. It might a long or a short trip, but the point is that we are together doing something that we truly enjoy. It’s like having an adventure with the whole family present, and that makes it so much more fun. We are actually planning on a lot of different activities and the whole family is just so excited about all of it. What we’d like to do is to look at the best places where can dock, not only here in the United States, but all over North America. An ambitious project it might see, but we are looking to accomplish it over a period of years and not just in a season or two.

Docking Around

A place to dock is actually where the boat or ship is received, and it is usually thought of in connection with doing repairs on the vessel. Or might also refer to the place that simply receives the boat or ship, and I am quite particular about the place where we are going to be docking. In fact I was so concerned about it that I have really wanted to find the absolute best places where it is possible to dock in all of North America. Research is warranted here, and not just any kind of research but one that is sure to give nothing but the best results possible. Online research proved to be most instrumental in yielding the following results:

Tampa Bay, Florida – Now it probably doesn’t even need research to show that Tampa Bay, Florida is one of the most ideal places for just about everything that is related to boating. It’s even much more than that, as it is also an excellent choice for a place to live in. The excellent fishing and pleasure boating qualities of the area have long made it known as a boating destination, and just a great place to visit overall. Another proof that it is a great place is that more and more people want to live in it, and that can be seen through the rise in the number of homes being constructed near the water. And of course, you can count everyday as an excellent boating day in Tampa Bay. Boaters will get what they want easily and the waterfront and docking availabilities are simply excellent.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Another city from Florida? You bet since Fort Lauderdale is also an amazing city for boaters and most boating activities, and you can be sure that it is definitely one of the best cities to dock in North America and in the whole world, for example. It has been known as the “Venice of America”, with its many miles of canals and waterways that simply weave and go through and all around the city. With the sun basically available all year long, you can just imagine the potential for fun that boaters can see in the city. Boating and marina are such integral parts of life in the city that it is a considerable part of the economy, worth around $5 billion each year.

Seattle, Washington – Seattle, Washington is another place that is just excellent and ideal for ideal and it follows that it is one of the top places for docking as well. There are miles and miles of protected salt water in the area, as well as great scenery and just overall great boating and docking potential. It should not come as a surprise to anyone then that one of the main ways of life in Washington involves the outdoors and water in particular. Entire boating communities are in existence to show how much it supports the whole state and not just the city of Seattle.

• Knoxville, Tennessee – Knoxville, Tennessee is a natural choice for anyone because of the immense influence exerted on people’s lives by the presence of the Tennessee River. And you can bet that boating is a big part of the community when major boat manufacturers such as Bayliner, Master Craft, Sea Ray, Skier’s Choice, and many others are found in the city or quite near it. Fishing and many other outdoor activities is quite well known in the city, and it attracts boating and fishing enthusiasts both from around the area and places farther away. And then there is Tellico Lake, which is a great venue for boat builders to test their products. The rise to prominence of the Tellico village is another reason why it became quite popular. And then Fort Loudon Lake also contributed to the attraction of the place recently when it had a significant rise in the development of lakeside housing. Overall, recreational activities are just making tremendous contributions to the allure of the city, as well as to its practical development. Boaters have a very easy, actually a great time there, and docking and waterfront availability is just very high. It’s just great for boating and for the people that love it.