What is the Best Toy to Bring A Smile To Your Baby? – We Uncover 3 Gems

This post lists three toys that are among the most popular according to several consumer review sites. The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Soother, Bright Starts Bloom Rattle, and Bright Starts Baby Playplace include a variety of bright fun colors and textures to enhance your baby’s senses. They are built by innovative companies who specialize in releasing new generation activities for babies 6-12 months old. Each toy is also priced at a very affordable rate compared to similar options which means that they will deliver excellent value over time.

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Soother

The Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Soother uses a strong pearlized casing to ensure it doesn’t break if it is dropped. Choose between three different songs that each play for over 15 minutes, including classical songs, lullabies, and relaxing ocean sounds. The friendly fish swims along on the wave and the peek-a-boo crab will entertain baby for hours. The calming deep ocean setting and led-lit wave will soothe baby to sleep each night. Fisher-Price has been a leading toy manufacturer of some of the best toys for babies and toddlers through several generations and they have done it again with this exceptional toy. You can find similar Fisher-price toys featured on funfilia.com – a popular review site for a wide variety of baby and toddler toys.

Bright Starts Bloom Rattle

The Bright Starts Bloom Rattle is easy to shake to produce a fun, rattling sound to delight baby for hours. The cute, friendly faces makes this rattle easily recognizable and will become your baby’s favorite companion. You will feel good about purchasing this toy as a portion of the proceeds supports the breast cancer research foundation. Vibrant colors will stimulate your baby’s senses and improve his/her brain activity and the super soft plush handle is easy for baby to grip and hold onto without dropping on the floor. The Bloom Rattle is crafted using the best materials so it can withstand hours of punishment as baby chews it, drools on it and drops it.

Bright Starts Baby Playplace

The Bright Starts Baby Playplace adapts to your baby as he/she ages with 5 multi-locking positions. It includes a pleasant garden theme and seven toys to develop baby’s motor skills through gripping, grabbing, reaching for and teething. The super comfy mat easily folds into a small size and is machine washable. There is an electronic bee toy that plays a multitude of soothing music. The friendly figures and bright colors makes this exceptional toy a visually stimulating and entertaining gym for loads of fun.

Each of these toys are built with only the highest quality materials meaning they will remain intact for many years. They are all virtually maintenance free as they are easy to clean and store very easily. Each toy promotes sensory development through visual and tactile stimulation and the learning continues through different levels as your baby grows. It can be a difficult task to find the best toy for your little one as there are such a wide array to choose from. Let your baby try any of these wonderful toys and enjoy watching him/her laugh and smile for hours.