The 6 Different Types of Granite Edges Available for Your Countertops & How to Choose the Right One for Your Kitchen

Stone counter tops are very attractive and are very durable. These tops can last for a very long time and are not fragile like ceramic tiles which can be cracked. In fact, stone counter tops can often outlast your house! While picking the right stone counter top is important, you also need to be careful when it comes to looking for the right counter top edge. By far granite edges are the best that are available today. It can add to the functionality and the look of your countertop.

Aside from the material used for the edges there are also various edge profiles that are currently available. Not all of these profiles will go well with the countertop material that you have picked. Another thing to consider is the price of the granite edges that you will be getting. This cost will often depend on the kind of countertop that you have picked. If you choose to use a granite countertop as well then it is recommended that you go for the more expensive granite edges so they will complement each other. You should ask your contractor in helping you pick the right kind of granite edge. To help get you started in becoming familiar with the different types of edges here is some insight into the common types of edges that are available for your kitchen counter top today:

Eased Edge

This is one of the more common styles for a granite edge. It offers a simple look that complements a kitchen with very little styling or design to it. It gives a flat and square look and is rounded only slightly on top for safety. Sometimes the top edge is rounded to a point where it can be called a round edge. Although it offers the simplest look of all edges, this is the one that is the most difficult to handle as it can chip easily.

Half Bullnose Edge

This style gives a very rounded look to the edge. Of all the rounded treatments this is the most affordable. It provides a larger view of a cross section of the stone that you are using.

Demi Bullnose Edge

This style gives the illusion that the stone used for the edge is actually thicker than what it is. It has a very rounded flowing look to it.

Full Bullnose

When you look at the side of a granite edge with this style you should see a half circle. It has the most modern look of all edges. If you want to see your granite countertops look a lot thinner than what they actually are then this is the edge that you should go for.

Bevel Edge

When a 45 degree cut is made on the top edge of the granite edge then that is a bevel edge.

Ogee Edge

When you look at the side of a granite edge with this style you should see an S shape to the edge. It is one of the most intricate and elaborate of all granite edge treatments that are available and as such one of the most expensive.

One factor to consider when picking a treatment for your granite edge is whether it will cause the stone to chip. The eased edge is one of the easiest to chip so bear that in mind. Other than that, cost and home decor should be your main focus on making sure that the granite edges that you use on your countertops work well with the kitchen and the whole home.