Best Spinner Review & Features

If you are in internet marketing you know that building backlinks can be a pain in the butt. Another thing you are probably doing is writing articles for all your backlinks so that you can post content to other web properties to receive a backlink back to your site. The only problem with this is having to write so many articles so that you can get those backlinks.

In the best spinner review I will cover what this program does and how it might be beneficial for you as an internet marketer. The best spinner is a piece of software that allows you to put in an article and have it rewritten partly automatically and partly manually. This then allows you to get multiple copies of the article but now it is unique from each other so you can post them on different websites and not have duplicate content.

How does this spinner make those articles unique? After plugging your article into the best spinner you will be allowed to highlight the whole page and rewrite each sentence one by one. You can easily add one to as many variations as you want to the original sentence. You then rewrite each sentence till you have a few unique versions of each sentence.  I usually like to rewrite each sentence at least 3 or 4 times. This gives you plenty of variations. After adding these variations to your article you then click a button called identify synonyms.

This then underlines all the words that can be substituted for other words. You then have an option. You can use what other people have used in the past to substitute words by choosing to use other people’s favorites. Within these favorites there are three options. Good, best and better. I like to go with the best option because otherwise they start substituting weird words.

If you don’t want to use words other people use to substitute your words then you can start with the first word and when you click the word it has a drop down box that allows you to pick the words to add in easily. You then simply press tab and move from word to word. The only problem with this is that it takes forever to get the article finished by going through word by word. Overall I really like the best spinner and I use it myself personally for my article. To see a video review I have done you can visit my site where I review internet income course that are popular.