The Garlic Guide: Why Roasted Garlic Isn’t As Good for You as Fresh Cloves

If you’ve ever sat down for a delicious dinner with roasted garlic cloves on the side or stirred into a salad, you probably noticed that the strong and sometimes spicy taste of the garlic clove is almost entirely gone, instead leaving only a mild hint of garlic flavoring behind – unfortunately, the strong taste is not the only thing that is gone. When garlic comes into contact with heat, the beneficial chemicals contained within the vegetable start to react and create different and more complex amino acids and chemicals. The resulting compounds, although potentially beneficial for your body, only last for a very short time and are long gone by the time you start eating.

Although many doctors in America and certain parts of the world will neglect to recommend garlic to treat very many conditions, it is common knowledge in the world of health and science that the root vegetable known is garlic is literally magical when it comes to helping the body perform to the best of it’s abilities. Used as a natural antibiotic by many holistic doctors throughout the world, garlic has amazing healing potential when freshly powdered or crushed. Applying powdered garlic directly to a sever staph infection is known to entirely cure the viral infection, and this is only a small portion of the things garlic can do for you.

Your bodies cardiovascular system and functions are probably affected by regular garlic intake the most. As the chemicals in garlic travel through your bloodstream, they get rid of plaque and bacteria that could eventually lead to heart attack or stroke. In addition, your essential organs will also be cleansed of any viruses or bacteria that has stored there by eating large amounts of fresh garlic. Roasted garlic cloves can still be very beneficial if eaten regularly and in large amounts, but you will want to make sure to ingest at least some amount of raw garlic if at all possible.

Scientists have discovered that garlic that has been powdered begins to form compound chemicals when placed in water over a time period of 15 minutes. These chemicals easily absorb into the walls of your stomach right away, so you can maximize the amount of allicin and other key chemical compounds that make it to your bloodstream if you allow powdered garlic to sit in water for 14 and 1/2 minutes before drinking.

Many garlic pills have shown positive results, but many factors can easily change the outcome of a regular supplement of garlic pills. Since these pills rely on a special coating to avoid being dissolved until the reach your duodenum, having an overly acidic diet can easily prevent the pills from doing anything at all. Most garlic extract pills use the chemicals found in garlic in an already complex form, so you miss out on some of the other compounds that appear in previous stages when eating raw garlic.

Whether you are worried about a potentially serious health condition, or if you just feel that it’s time to start living a healthier life – choosing to include garlic into your diet regularly can really make a world of change in a relatively short amount of time. The taste and smell of roasted garlic is one that very few can resist, but you have to remember that trying to include raw garlic cloves with any salad or meal you eat during the day is extremely important for the largest amount of benefit.