3 of the Best ERTL Farm Toys for Kids of All Ages and Collectors Too

Fred Ertl Sr. started making his own tractor toys in 1945. During that period the company that he worked for as a molder was on strike. Fred had a family to support and so he turned to the skills that he learned at his work. He took pieces of scrap aluminum and melted them down. He took the molten metal and poured it into sand molds of his own making for toy tractors.

He might not have realized it then but he had hit upon a novel idea that would pay off for him. After only a year his toy making activity was too big for his house and he had to move to a bigger facility. Another year after and the business had to transfer again and this time to a 11,000 square foot facility. That was also the year when Ertl was incorporated. It was during that period as well that Ertl got approval from Deere and Company, the manufacturer of the iconic farm implements, to produce toy replicas of their famous tractors. The rest as they say is history. The company produces over a million toy tractors each year to delight children and collectors everywhere. We have all experienced growing up with one or a couple of their toys.

Here are some of the ERTL farm toys being offered by the company right now. We have picked a sample from the three major licenses that they have and make toys for.

John Deere 4240 Tractor

The 4240 Tractor was rolled out by John Deere in the year 1978 as part of Iron Horses series of tractors. These tractors featured improved engines that provided more power, greater pull and lift capacity. The 4240 was equipped with an engine that produced 111 PTO horsepower. That output power was actually more than 10 horsepower above the model that it replaced. This toy replica from Ertl is faithful to the original vehicle. You don’t want to miss this addition to your collection.

New Holland T9.45 Tractor

The original New Holland T9.45 Tractor is part of a new series that was introduced to the market in 2010. These are 4WD tractors that provide maximum maneuverability out in the field. With five models in the series they have a wide range of power outputs starting with 390 horsepower with a maximum of 613. By far the New Holland T9.45 Tractor is the most modern of all 4WD tractors in the market today.

Case IH Monster Treads

With wheels that can handle any kind of terrain. The Monster Treads from Case IH replicas are combinations of the enjoyment and types of playtime that you can get from tractor toys and the maneuverability of 4WD vehicles. They look like a mean cross between monster trucks and utility machines that all kids have dreamed about.

These are just three of the farm toys that you can get from ERTL. These are three of their main licenses that they have, John Deere, New Holland, and Case IH and amongst their best sellers. They have more products to offer you in the millions of toys they make and sell each here. You can check out the other toys that they offer on their website ERTL.