Finding the Best Running Backpack

Running with a backpack elevates running to a whole new level. It makes your running experience a better one. I have personally experienced this when I started in trail running. It was a friend who gave me the advice of trying it out. I have been running since I was in high school and I have several marathons and other running competitions under my belt. I was actually feeling bored about running back then. I felt that there was nothing challenging about it for me. I felt that I needed something new that could test my ability to conquer my environment. My friend approached me at the right moment and told me about trail running. He said that if I needed something that would challenge my ability as a runner then that I should try out trail running. I followed his advice and tried out trail running. That first moment with trail running resulted in something memorable for me. I knew that I have found something that would challenge me and drive my body to reach new levels.

It was while I was doing trail running that I realized the value of having a good backpack that I can use while I am trail running. Because trail running is unlike regular running where you are passing through familiar places, and paved roads, or at least roads that are close to houses, stores, or other signs of civilization. When you do trail running you are often running in the most isolated places. The ideal locations for this kind of running are the trails that can not be passed over by motorized vehicles. You need to bring along the things that you will be needing during the trip like water, a little food, clothes, and other stuff that you might need.

When you are running while wearing a backpack on your back, there are few things that you need to remember. You need to pick a very lightweight backpack. Also you need something with thick shoulder straps, made from soft material so that your shoulders will not hurt when you start running. Make the best effort to reduce any extraneous itmes that you will be carrying in the bag. Make sure that you will only be carrying the things that you will be needing. When you wear the bag, make sure that the shoulder straps are tight, but not too tight so as to restrict your movement.

Here are two of the best running backpacks that you can buy in the market right now:

Nike Men’s Cheyenne Vapor Running Backpack- This breathable bag has the usual mark of quality of Nike products. You can get all that you need from a running backpack with this bag from Nike, comfort and protection. Buy this cheap running rucksack for about $90.

Sub4 Running Backpack- This bag has all the pockets and provisions that you need to carry all of your items. Made from durable material that will ensure that you will be getting the right sort of protection for your running gear when you are out on the field.