Why Small Business Owners Should Use An SEO Partner For Greater Online Exposure

With the development of several industries that are geared towards business owners and their needs, it can be difficult for the average business owner to evaluate the needs of their own company. With nearly every task at hand, the business owner can either perform the work themselves, or have their employees perform the task, or outsource the work to a professional company that specializes in that particular field. The e-commerce business owner, for instance, can hire a company to build and design their website, while another company creates a custom logo and business card design for their new endeavor. Once the website is created, the online business owner can hire a professional SEO partner to draw a large amount of traffic to their new shop.

Although most online business owners can find a way around outsourced web design and graphic design services, which can be extremely costly, the services of a professional internet marketing company are nearly indispensable. This is because the e-commerce business owner’s complete livelihood will rely on their ability to sell products over the internet to consumers, an impossible task if there are no consumers being drawn to their website in the first place! Luckily, the new online business owner can help their cause by hiring an experienced SEO partner to bring consumers that are interested in their products and services to their website.

This is accomplished through an innovative internet marketing tactic called search engine optimization. With search engine optimization, the internet marketing company increases the organic rankings of the online business owner’s website in search engine query results. Thus, when a consumer searches for a product that is sold on the online business owner’s site, their website link will be displayed on the first page of search results for the consumer to click on. This is an important step for the online business owner to take, as over 60% of all e-commerce traffic is diverted through search engines like Bing, Yahoo!, and Google. When the SEO partner markets the online business owner’s website, they help the increase both the traffic ratings and the conversion rates of the e-commerce website. This is because the process of search engine optimization places the e-commerce website’s link in the hands of consumers that are interested in the products or services being offered on that website.

Therefore, the traffic that is forwarded to the e-commerce website will consist of a higher amount of visitors that are willing to make a purchase from the website. In order for the search engine optimization tasks to be successful, the SEO partner will need to research the best keyword phrases for their client, promote these keywords with informational articles and other content, build up inbound links by submitting the website to various directories, and finally, alter the structure of the client’s website. The HTML or XML structure of a website is a large indicator of how the site will be ranked in search engine results, for the ranking algorithm will rank a website lower if it is incomplete, incorrectly constructed, or irrelevant to the content of the website.

Therefore, the internet marketing team will need to make sure that their client’s website has an XML site map intact. The XML site map functions for the website as a table of contents functions in a textbook. Without the XML site map, the search engine’s ranking algorithm will not be able to properly view the website, which will thus prohibit it from ranking the website correctly. After the structure of the website has been attended to, the SEO partner can begin increasing inbound links and promoting the website with keyword-central content.