Generating Sales Leads: How it Works

Generating sales leads is basically the process of collecting information from and making contact with potential clients. In bigger companies and business, it falls under the marketing department since it is the one responsible for creating all outreach and advertising materials. But for smaller business entities, it is already common for sales men to do and carry out their own sales lead generation.

Sales leads generation have several established techniques such as networking, print, TV or web advertising, teleprospecting and telemarketing, fax, direct mail or email marketing campaigns, search optimization (SEO), websites and buying a list of sales leads. Traditionally, generating sales leads starts with networking. This is almost as simple and easy as contacting your family, friends, former co-workers and current clients and asking them if they happen to know persons who could be interested in your products and services. These referrals are generally referred to as sales tips.

Aside from networking, trade shows are also excellent chances for a business-to-business networking. By simply setting up a table on a trade show, you can already collect information from prospective business partners and buyers.

Web advertising is now becoming the most efficient way to generate your sales leads.  According to a certain study, web browsers clicked on more than 53 billion ads online, from financial services to cars and even to travel. These ads then often lead to contact forms or short surveys which can then be assessed in real- time by the sales representatives.

Teleprospecting and telemarketing are similar but distinct techniques of generating sales leads. Most companies contract telemarketing firm’s services, with their employed operators who read from a certain prepared script. These operators will directly sell on the phone products or services.

On the other hand, teleprospecting is a B2B sales system which employs either in- house or from a third- party company trained operators who will then contact the target business prospects. Here, operators do not read from a ready- made script, instead they familiarize themselves well with the products and services so they can gauge the interest of the client. If in case a certain client wants to learn more about the product or service, the operator will then refer the client to a salesman.

Generating leads is easy if you just know how to do it. With the help of the mentioned techniques, you can be assured that you will have a long list of potential clients.