Physical Therapist Jobs Are Always on the Market

If you are trying to decide on a career, and you like to work with people and medicine, you might want to look at physical therapist jobs. They will always be there. Much like physicians and nurses, physical therapists will always be needed. The training for physical therapists jobs is not quite as intense in time and cost as training for becoming a physician.

However, you still get to help people and it is quite rewarding. In fact, if you are not too shy about working in someone’s personal space, you like helping out and you have patience to work with people as they do what is needed to recover, then you might be a perfect candidate for physical therapists jobs. The employment of physical therapists is expected to grow by 30 percent over the next seven years.

That is a lot faster than the average for all the other occupations combined. If you are in high school or college now, you should be able to complete school and get a job within that window. The first step is to get your bachelor’s degree, preferably in a science. Your post-graduate training will prepare you for either a full-time or a couple of part-time physical therapists jobs. You might work at a couple of facilities or be an independent contractor. The salary range will change, of course, over time. However, to give you an idea, in 2008 the range was from $71,000 to $78,000 annually.

Just about every state in the United States requires a license to practice physical therapy. To get a license, you will usually have to graduate from an accredited physical therapy training program, pass the National Physical Therapy Examination, and possibly jurisprudence exams.

Of course, as with most licensed positions, you will need to take annual continuing education training to maintain your license. Physical therapist jobs allow you to provide care to people who have injuries such as broken bones, burns and sprains. However, you may also get the opportunity to work with people who have debilitating diseases like cerebral palsy, spina bifida, arthritis, stroke and more. Physical therapists actually diagnose movement dysfunction and use processes like exercise, training, manual therapy techniques and all kinds of equipment to help people learn to move in a way that will heal them.

Another goal is to keep them from getting re-injured. Physical therapist jobs have a lot of advantages. For instance, you will almost always work in a nice work environment. You will most likely be indoors. You would have a regular schedule with appointments. The injured people will be brought in by someone and they will be transported home by someone other than you. You can use your personable communication skills to help them feel more confident and courageous. However, it is not like you are their primary caregiver. You can enjoy them for an hour and then they go home to work on what you have just taught them to do.

Another big plus of being in this field is creating the strategies for success. Think about it. You are never going to focus on anything negative. Your work is always going to be about making someone feel better. The physical therapist jobs that exist today will evolve, as all jobs do.

However, with your continuing education, you will be able to stay on top of what is happening in your field. In fact, maybe you will be able to make contributions that will help others who hold physical therapist jobs, too. If you study hard, learn your job well, and take the time to be a leader, you may be recognized for the work you do.