Do Beauty Pageants Cause Eating Disorders?

These days we are seeing a lot of beauty pageants being held everywhere. There are even pageants for children where kids are paraded around filled with makeup and trying to pretend that they want to be beauty queens someday. While there are those are in love with these contests and they follow it all the time, there are those who are having second thoughts about it. They are realizing certain questions that might seem trivial right now but are actually very crucial. Let’s check some of these concerns and find out the truth behind them.

Do Beauty Pageants Cause Eating Disorders?- One of the requirements for a girl to be able to join a beauty pageant is to have a great looking body. They have to undergo extraordinary efforts in order to lose weight and to stay looking healthy and fit. That is why there are those who are concerned that beauty pageants might cause the contestants in the long run to suffer from eating disorders. This is a real problem as proven by the study of behavioural psychologists especially with those who joined pageants at such a young age. The thing is that they become so focused with their aim of looking fit and sexy that they develop behavioural problems.When this kind of psychological problem is developed it is going to be very difficult to get over it.

Other Behavioral Problems– There are other problems in behaviour that can be caused by joining pageants in children. Parents who make their kids to join such pageants normally say that they want to develop the sense of competition in their children that is why they are making them join events like that. The problem is that it might be a little too much. In a pageant a girl tends to see all the other children surrounding her as potential competition so she must be on the lookout against them. That means that she can not form any meaningful friendship with the other children around her. She might carry that behaviour over to real life. She might become too suspicious and wary of other people surrounding her and she might become unable to form lasting and meaningful relationships. She might develop the thinking that she is out to compete with everyone and that she can not really trust anyone.

Parenting and Pageants- Does this mean that proper parenting and children’s beauty pageants can not go hand in hand? The answer of course is no. The usual reason of parents as to why they allow their children to join pageants is because they want to experience competition and to develop a sense of confidence is valid. The only problem comes in when they start building up expectations in their kids that distorts the original aim and they see that winning is important and must be achieved no matter at what cost. If you are a parent and you have kids then you can let them join pageants you just have to remember to let them have some fun.