Can Meditation Help ADHD?

There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from the practice of meditation. Because of the fact that meditation is so ancient and well revered one tends to believe all of the claims for the benefits that it brings. Some people see it as a cure all for most of the problems faced by ordinary people. They believe that once you start meditating you can experience the kind of change that you want.

Aims of Meditation- Meditation is a religious practice. The fact that it is being promoted today for medical and practical purposes can not take that away. It can trace its origins from the practitioners of the Hindu religion in ancient India. It was used in order to detach the spirit from the entanglements of the material world and attain true enlightenment. There are various explanations and philosophies that has been developed throughout the years to explain this. It should be enough for now to say that for many Hindus and Buddhists they see mediation as the path towards attaining the aim of life.

Benefits of Meditation– For those who practice meditation in order to attain their spiritual aim there is no other need to do it. For others however they need some other means of explaining the need to perform the difficult tasks connected with meditating. There are several benefits attributed to it. First there is the belief that it can help to relieve stress. This benefit is the one that is most advertised by the promoters of meditation today. They claim that the modern lifestyle that we are all living is disconnecting us with our true selves and the person that we really ought to be. They claim that by meditating we can start to connect with our true selves once again. It is also claimed that mediation can help us to focus more easily and help us in becoming calmer even in difficult situations.

Can Meditation Help ADHD?- Because of these benefits claimed for meditation some people are wondering whether it can be beneficial to those who are suffering from ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition where the patient lacks the ability to focus on one task and the tendency to be overly active. The two problems usually occur together that is why they are classified under one disorder. Thus a person who suffers from ADHD can be trying all things at the same time. This is considered to be a psychiatric disorder and it has been studied extensively in children where its occurrence can be quite disruptive.

Because of the characteristics of ADHD there has been a lot of speculation as to the possibility that meditation might be able to help those who suffer from ADHD so that they might have a more normal life. As can be expected there are a lot of studies that has been conducted on the effects of meditation on patients suffering from ADHD. It has been shown that meditation can stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin which are chemicals that have a calming effect. These chemicals will allow a person to focus more easily even if he is suffering from ADHD.

The Challenge- While it has been proven that meditation can benefit patients with ADHD the challenge lies in making patients who have disorder into performing meditation. The disorder itself makes it difficult for them to engage in it.