Bedroom Area Rugs – Taking Your Pick

Like what you see in most luxurious hotel rooms, bedrooms look elegantly beautiful if adorned with the right area rug. Your bedroom decoration will not be complete if you don’t include an area rug because it gives your room a coziness and warmth which no other room décor can. You can bring about different emotions and dimensions into your very personal and private space. Area rugs can make your bedroom look vibrant, interesting, and cozy.

Aesthetics aside, area rugs provide some useful functions in your bedroom as well. They can create a focal point in your bedroom. They can also provide a cushioned landing just as you get off the bed. Moreover, the installation of a rug can be a creative way to break up space within the room. Indeed, area rugs are as versatile as they can be and they are available in a myriad of styles, design, sizes, and shapes. There is surely one that will match your personal and specific requirements.

Choosing Your Bedroom Area Rug

In many cases, the design of a bedroom presents a need to use accent rugs. Ideally, this is where area rugs are most desired due to their cozy effect as well as their soundproofing and muffling capability. Unlike the living room where there would be more considerations to take into account, your bedroom has less furnishings to go with or against the area rugs so it will be much easier to choose the right rug for your bedroom. And while you want to keep your furnishings in the bedroom intact, knowing what elements or factors to consider in choosing and buying the area rugs for your bedroom will give you a better perspective as to the decision of which rug is appropriate for your bedroom.


Identify the spot where you want the area rug to be placed, as this will help you determine the size of the rug that you need for your bedroom space. If you have a small bedroom, where only the bed can pretty much fit in, buying a large area rug that will cover the area beneath and around the bed looks will magnify the room’s appearance. On the other hand, a large bedroom that can accommodate a seating area, vanity table or desk, will need an area rug that can separate those spaces subtly. Most suite rooms in hotels apply this design technique where a receiving area is marked by a rectangular area rug and the sleeping area has a rug on the landing space at the sides of the bed.


Measure the area inside the bedroom where you have identified your area rug to be placed. Get the exact measurements of the identified areas. However, give some allowance when you are buying the rugs. There should be some extra space on all the sides of the area so as not to make the area rug forced upon the space. You must also list down the furniture placement and how its placement will impact the new area rugs that you would like to have in the bedroom.

Price and Quality

You must identify your allocated budget for the area rugs; you cannot demand for an expensive rug if your available finances cannot cover it. Instead, you can go for inexpensive or cheap rugs so as not to hurt your budget. Machine-made area rugs are the most inexpensive, made of cotton or synthetic materials. On the other hand, the most expensive area rugs are the handmade rugs usually made out of wool and silk.

There are general rules of thumb which may be helpful when looking for the right area rug for your bedroom, summarized below:

  • Small bedrooms should not be decorated with large patterns as this will make the room look even smaller.
  • Large bedrooms need not have area rugs with busy small patterns and prints. The room will feel cluttered.
  • Darkly-lit bedrooms should have sunny tones of area rugs. This will help brighten the room.
  • Bright abstracts are ideal for a contemporary and modern design style.
  • Children’s bedrooms adapt contemporary designs so pastel colors or bold and bright colors will be interesting for the children.

For easy maintenance, multiple smaller area rugs for the bedroom will do the trick. They are easy to rearrange as well. This will also allow you to experiment with the placement areas as you rearrange the rugs inside the bedroom. Smaller area rugs can also allow you to make changes on the furniture arrangement.

For children’s bedrooms, it is recommended that the rugs chosen are that which are made with polypropylene. This material is one of the easiest materials to clean and wash. Since children cannot be prevented from making spills on the rugs, it is advisable to stick to polypropylene-made rugs. Additionally, if your kids happen to destroy the rug, it will not devastate you knowing that it’s reasonably priced and not expensive. Cartoon characters on area rugs should be avoided as well.

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