Features To Look For In The Best Free Antivirus Software

In the battle of free vs paid antivirus, the former has been the choice of the average PC user for years now. To qualify to be the best among the freewares, an antivirus must have it all. It should cover all bases. This means protecting your files and computer system from inside and from outside force.

The best free antivirus software must have the following:

•    Script Blocking : This means being able to find the malware in websites
•    Compressed File Scans – The antivirus software should be able to find compressed files in your computer, search and scan for threats and risks, report them to you, and delete or quarantine, depending on what you ask it to do.
•    Email and Instant Messaging Security – Your email and attachments could be carrying malware or viruses. At the same time, when you chat with someone, you are vulnerable to risks as well. The antivirus software should be able to block these threats effectively
•    Scheduled and Manual Scanning – This is a must for all antivirus software. Without it, the software is a fake and a dud.
•    On-Access and On-Demand Scans – This feature scans files, drives, or folders before they are opened
•    Regular, Even Daily Updates – Without updates, your antivirus software would be unable to detect new online threats simply because its files become incomplete

These are the essential features that a free antivirus software should carry. Some antivirus software offer even more, which is great. However, if you just want the basic, then these are the features to watch out for.

You can get the best free antivirus software by downloading a free trial. After the trial period, you have the option of subscribing monthly or paying a one time fee. Just make  sure that you don’t get bamboozled to buy the software after the trial period by reading and understanding the associated costs and terms of the free trial agreement. It will also help if you will read online forums and technology websites (that serve as desktop security software guide to thousands of international PC users) so you know which one is the best to download for a free trial.