Make Up Storage Organizer Boxes and Cute Jewelry Armoires For Teens

Teens use more makeup and spend more time in front of a mirror than most professional women, and they also have lots of little jewelry items that need to be organized, like charms, stacking sets of bracelets, chunky necklaces and simple chains with more charms….and therefore a make up storage organizer unit and a jewelry armoire can be a practical means to keeping a room tidy. Let’s have a look at some fun organizer solutions and some cute jewelry armoires that teens will love to use.

The cutest armoire ever is the one that may be a little too cute for a teen, but I mention it anyway because it’s just adorable for a pre-teen. It’s called the Levels of Discovery Princess Jewelry Armoire and is pink and lavender with lots of drawers and cabinets for storage and it stands on four funky legs that look they were taken right out of a Disney movie. By the way it only costs about $175.

However, let’s get back to teens. The best of the cute jewelry armoires that’s not too childish for young ladies is the Shabby Chic White Jewelry Armoire that’s just $230 and would fit beside a girl’s desk or vanity perfectly. It retails thorough All Jewelry Armoires. If you place it beside a vanity or desk in a matching white finish, and use the vanity drawers for makeup, here’s how to get what you need for the organization of the makeup.

There’s a place called Organize, which is an online shop that has trays and boxes that are just as cute as can be, or as simple in acrylic as you need. Place them inside the drawers so that makeup isn’t floating loose in drawers. If there are not enough drawers, or if the desk or vanity is just a table top with a mirror, then get a set of funky stacking boxes in pink, or white or whatever matches the décor. They’re really cheap and they can sit all together on the floor beside the vanity and still be organized.