Choosing Healthy Take Out Food

It use to be if you wanted take out food you had to settle for those fast food sandwiches or that fattening pizza. Not any more. Take out food has become such a big business that you can almost anything imaginable in take out today. This means even those of you who are trying to eat healthier can find at least a few healthy items among those high fat, sodium loaded foods on those take out menus.

Many restaurants that specialize in take out foods are beginning to take heed to those foods that customers want. This means with so many people concerned about their health today that take out restaurants are offering at least a few healthy choices on their menus. Many offer soups and salads and a few even offer take out tofu burgers or veggie burgers for those wishing to eat less fatty meats. Others offer choices such as grilled chicken roll ups and other less fatty choices.

However, not every community has take out restaurants that cater to those among you who are health conscious so you need to know a little about choosing healthy take out food restaurant deals. For many that may mean choosing a garden salad and using your own fat free dressing at home to cut down on fat, sodium and calories. Avoid those salads that contain meat unless the restaurant advertises that the meat is grilled and there is no salt added.

If choosing a sandwich is your only choice then make sure that you choose a grilled rather than fried or deep fried option and skip the fries. Choose milk, juice, water or coffee rather than those soft drinks that have no nutritional value or use artificial sweeteners. If you do get a sandwich ask to skip the special sauces and choose mustard or plain mayo as many of those sauces are extremely high in fat.

If getting food from one of those chicken take out places and there is no grilled option, then take care to remove the skin to help eliminate much of the fat and choice the white meat portions over the dark. If possible choose the baked options over the fried or deep fried options as these are likely to be slightly lower in fat and a healthier choice in most cases.

While it isn’t always possible to get the healthiest food when getting take out, there are things you can do to choose the healthiest items on the menu it just takes a little thought and effort on your part.