The Haier HNDE03VS Review – Fantastic Compact Refrigerator

Not many small and compact mini fridges come with an actual freezer compartment – and the ones that do, tend to be low quality.  However, there is one small compact refrigerator that has an excellent freezer section, and that’s the Haier HNDE03VS.  It also comes in a superb stainless steel and black finish; making it look not only stylish in addition to the fantastic functionality (listed further down the page).

If you are interested in buying a small fridge this year then please read on for a full Haier HNDE03VS Review so you can get a better feel for whether this is the fridge to suit your needs.  It certainly is one of the best models released in 2011, and looks set to be a best-seller in 2012 too.

Overview of the Best Functionality

The Haier HNDE03VS comes with some stand-out features that are highlighted below.  Bear in mind that this compact refrigerator is slightly more expensive than rival models, but you really are getting a higher quality appliance when set and compared against other mini-fridges.

  • Includes 2 doors and a separately contained freezer compartment with true separation – this will help to reduce frosting over-flow into the fridge compartment and is optimized to have the best Energy considerations.
  • Uses a state of the art soda can dispenser inside the inner refrigeration door.  You can hold up to six cans of Coke in this small fridge so should always be able to have a cold and refreshing drink close to hand.
  • Inside the Haier HNDE03VS you benefit from two full-width shelves which are made from a high-quality glass.  The shelves will also cope with spills due to their curved edges and ease of removal whenever you need to.
  • If you use a lot of bottle watered then don’t worry – because you can place 2 liter bottles into the inner door with ease, or even slide them onto the shelves if you want to store more than two.

Who Will the Haier HNDE03VS Best Suit?

Due to the compact size, this small refrigerator could have a number of different uses of locations.  Here are just a few ideas that you might want to consider:

  • As a Student dorm fridge
  • As an Office worker’s fridge
  • In a Games Room
  • Perhaps in a Garage Space
  • In a Conservatory

Because the Haier mini-fridge is not made from cheap white plastic like many rival models, it really can be used in many different scenarios – the brushed steel effect and black lining makes it look very high-end – and in truth that’s exactly what it is – definitely one of the best compact refrigerators that money can buy.  Expect to pay anything between $170 to £280 US Dollars for the HNDE03VS model.

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