Masterful Makeup Tips For Prom Night Perfection

For many high school students, the senior prom is a pretty huge deal. Fancy dresses and snazzy tuxedos abound; intricate after-party plans are constructed well in advance; not uncommonly, limousine rentals and costly hotel suites come into play; romantic interludes and general craziness are very likely to occur at various points throughout the evening; so on and so forth.

All in all, there’s a lot of hype and hoopla surrounding the event, and everyone in attendance is expected to look their best while enjoying the enchanting evening – a rite of passage, certainly – to its fullest. Below, you’ll find some helpful guidelines for deftly dodging any makeup malfunctions that could mar your precious memories and photos from that special night.

First, dispense with the notion that your makeup and accessories must mirror your ensemble exactly. There’s no unspoken rule that says your shoes, accessories and eye makeup have to match the color or the pattern of your dress (despite what a lot of girls seem to think). In reality, the art of accessorizing – be it with makeup or bracelets or whatever else – is about cleverly complementing, enhancing, accentuating or finishing the outfit in some form or another.

Instead of wearing a fantastically sparkly fuchsia eye shadow to match your fantastically sparkly fuchsia prom dress, for example, consider using matte grays and charcoal shades to create a sexy contrast with a little bit of rock star edge. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, right? When sporting a loud dress like the one described above, it pays to avoid both color and shimmer overkill. A darkly alluring, gray and black smokey eye manages to be bold and sexy without overshadowing or competing with the dress.

Next, invest a few dollars in a bottle of finishing spray and use it on top of your completed makeup look to “seal the deal,” so to speak. Prom night is sure to be a long night, thanks to the abundance of unseemly post-dance activities, and it would be a cryin’ shame to end up looking like a haggard mess before the festivities have officially drawn to a close. Why not take appropriate precautions, hmm?

Urban Decay makes a few awesomely effective setting sprays: one simply sets your makeup, holding it in place for hours and hours on end; another sets the makeup while simultaneously delivering nourishing moisture to your skin; the last keeps makeup right where it belongs for a good, long while and aims to minimize oil production at the same time. They’re not inexpensive products, but they do get the job done – and they get it done properly, with no unpleasant odor and no stickiness.

As you stand in front of the bathroom mirror on prom night – dutifully styling your hair and makeup in anticipation of the hopefully magical evening ahead – bear in mind the trusty tips you’ve read here today, in this article. Chances are, you’ll already have plenty of things to think about and try to manage on the night in question without adding a hideous, unsightly makeup meltdown to the list. Simply plan ahead to avoid any such hiccups so that you can have fun, hang out and shamelessly boogie down without a care in the world.