Data Entry Jobs

If you are looking for a data entry job, there is a wide open market for you. Data entry workers (also known as information processors, word processors, typists and keyers) typically perform tasks such as entering data into a computer, operating office machines, as well as performing other clerical and/or administrative duties. Data entry workers input data by way of lists or numbers and complete forms on the computer. They also may update existing data or edit new entries, always checking for complete accuracy.

Although college courses are helpful, many data entry workers are hired directly out of high school and provided on-the-job training. In high school and college, classes in keyboarding, word processing, and database management are most helpful in becoming familiar with data entry duties. The most important skills needed as a data entry worker are spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Proofreading skills and attention to detail are also very important, as well as some knowledge of standard office procedures and equipment.

The future job prospect for data entry operator jobs is good. The need will be high to replace workers who leave this occupation altogether, or their current organization, as it will naturally produce a large number of jobs each year. Job prospects will be more favorable for those who posses good technical skills and have the drive to maintain them in order to remain marketable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2009, the median annual wage for data entry keyers was $27,150, and the median annual wage for word processors and typists was $32,590. Data entry operator jobs are generally entry-level positions with a good starting pay and opportunity for growth.

Due to advanced technology, performing data entry jobs from home is becoming more common. Performing data entry jobs at home provides many attractive benefits such as convenience, flexibility and cost savings. Data entry jobs at home are ideal for mothers who need to spend more time at home with their children, for example. Data entry jobs from home also provide benefits to organizations which need these duties performed during non-regular business hours.

Online data entry jobs are also becoming more common. Although there are plenty of scams to beware of, there are also many legitimate online data entry jobs available on the internet. You need to be mindful of this and careful when searching for an online data entry job. It may not be easy to find one, as they are in high demand. It is a matter of knowing where to look, and you may even end up having to pay a site to assist you in getting the job you are looking for. A lot depends on the effort you are willing to put forth to market yourself and to draw potential clients to you. It is imperative that you have a solid cover letter and resume that is competitive and that you stand out against other applicants. Be ready to sell yourself… are the product! More articles can be found at My Mini Help Center.