Samsung Zeal Verizon Phone Review

The Samsung Zeal for Verizon is an interesting phone with a 2 megapixel camera with what Samsung calls nightshot mode, which is actually pretty cool. Or course, this phone has a couple of things you will notice before you notice the camera. Namely, the 2-way flip and the E-Ink keypad. The Zeal has a small battery and should last for about two days with normal use. You can use Social Beat to access twitter, facebook, and other things. You can get email and web browsing (which are not amazing on this phone), but you still can use these features if you pay for them.

This phone is basically the Alias 3–it’s an updated version, but it’s basically an upgraded version of that phone. For $79.99 on contract, this phone is not too expensive, but you can find some better messaging phone options from Verizon.

What is E-Ink and Why Does the Zeal Have It?

E-Ink is sort of an interesting thing. The way it works is the keys on the keypad change their labels when you have the phone opened in different ways. This Samsung phone can be opened in two different ways–one is the standard clamshell way of opening a phone and the other is the QWERTY or messenger phone way of opening a cell phone.

In each mode, the key on the same keypad will display different numbers or letters depending on the direction you are oriented. This is a sort of cool feature, but it’s more of a novelty than anything on the Zeal. It doesn’t really improve the experience of the phone, but it’s fun. It’s not really something that will encourage you to buy the phone. If you want more information on this phone, watch the video below and if you are looking for Samsung Zeal accessories or protective covers, read on below the video.

Samsung Zeal Cases and Covers

If you have the Zeal, you need to protect it (well, I guess only if you want to, I certainly don’t want to tell you what to do with your cell phone). But a lot of people want to get Zeal covers so they don’t scratch, nick, or ding their new phone.

If you are looking for a hard case, a soft case, a leather cover (like those from BodyGlove), or a skin (like those from Skinit), you can find a lot of great options on the Internet. In fact, you can also find some of the best prices–and of course, you can see a lot more varieties of Zeal cases online since they are only a click away.

If you need replacement accessories like a car charger, wall charger, bluetooth headset, phone cradle, belt holster, new antenna, samsung zeal battery, or anything else really to make your phone perfect for you, you have a lot of affordable options.

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