Advice For Getting Better Cameras For Beginners

Photography is becoming more popular every day. The simplicity of the camera and the improvement of modern technology during the past years have raised the bar for the aspiring photographer. Many are excited about the new models, as amateur photographers are now moving away from the point and shoot cameras to go for the more advanced models. Yet instead of investing thousands of dollars, many still prefer to buy a cheap digital SLR camera. In fact, the sales of digital SLR cameras at low prices have doubled during the last two years. There are several reasons to spend less and get more value for your money with digital SLR cameras.

One reason a new photographer spends less now is simply because the advancement of technology has improved the quality of the cheaper models. To illustrate, just take a look at three models produced by Canon. The rebel T3 I, 60 D, and 7D models vary in price for a total of about $1,000, but they all have the same image sensor. This means that the quality of images taken will be virtually identical, depending on the skill of the photographer. Of course there are other things that make a difference in the cost of cameras, but these days, less money is much better. You can get some great slr cameras for beginners for cheap now.

Another reason for beginners to opt for the cameras at the lower end of the spectrum is the quality of cheap video cameras is also really good. HD video at 1080p and 30 frames per second are now the norm for cheap cameras. If you read the comments in online stores, you would see that the video capability is a major reason to buy some models.

Another compelling reason to buy a cheap digital SLR camera is that the learning curve is not what it once was. One reason for this is that the parameters are much more user friendly now. This includes the fact that some models have a guide on the LCD light on the rear panel, which explains exactly what each setting will do when selected. Most models also feature a “quick set” button, for the obvious reason to find the camera settings which are the most popular and widely used.

While the new settings of most inexpensive cameras are quite friendly, a new owner can still use the automatic setting to take great pictures. Again, camera technology has progressed to the point that the newer models can adjust themselves. These professional cameras for beginners are so good at that they have a mode called “Intelligent Auto”, which does most of the manual adjusting for you.

Finally, these new cameras are just better than point-and-shoot cameras when it comes to performance. This may seem obvious, but it must be stressed. One of the things that most point-and-shoot camera owners experience is something that is called shutter lag. This is the time between the instance the user presses the shutter button to save the image and when the photo is actually taken by the camera. This is also very evident when using the camera flash. There are several reasons to buy a new camera, but in recent years, better prices have encouraged many amateur photographers into getting DSLR cameras.