Quality Siding Protect Against Wind Storm Damage

Storm cells can create wind storm damage. This damage might include ripping the shingles from the roof, slamming a tree or limb into the home or propelling debris through the walls and windows of the home. Wind storm damage can occur any time of the year and the damage might range from the very mild to severe.

Source of Wind Strom Damage

When high winds hit the atmosphere, the speeds can fluctuate and the direction of the wind can change quickly. The changes can put a lot of pressure on the parts of the building. A good seal on the outside of the home prevents wind storm damage. However, in the most protected home, debris picked up by high winds can cause damage along with possible injury.

Work Down From the Top

On the average home, the roof is the most vulnerable part of the house. The connection of roof and walls should provide enough strength to overcome the uplift effect caused by strong winds. If a professional inspection determines a weakness in the connection, install special metal connectors appropriate to the roof type and wall construction to resist damage from a windstorm.

Proper installation of roof sheathing can also help to protect the home. A visual inspection from the attic should reveal nails penetrating trusses or rafter. If there is a problem, add additional nails to the sheathing to protect against further wind storm damage.

Protect Against Wind Storm Damage With High Quality Oklahoma Siding

The advanced technology used in making vinyl siding today provides materials that are stronger and more rigid. These materials have a tighter hug on the home. Oklahoma city vinyl siding can make a large difference in wind storm damage to the home. Oklahoma City siding installation professionals can provide additional information on how the product protects the home from wind storm damage.

Protecting Windows and Doors from Wind Storm Damage

To protect windows against the risk of damage due to flying debris and pressure changes, consider the following options: temporary plywood covers or permanent storm shutters. During an emergency, the permanent shouters offer a quick solution to prevent wind storm damage. Temporary covers are economical but much less convenient.

Entry doors should be secured using a minimum of three hinges and a deadbolt lock. Solid core doors are the most resistant to damage from wind storms and flying debris.

Garage Doors

Garage doors offer a large target for wind storm damage due to high winds. When replacing the garage door, look for one designed for use in areas of high wind. To strengthen an existing door, consider adding a bracing kit designed to provide extra support.

Be Sure You’re Protected

Despite your best efforts, there may still be wind storm damage. Good insurance coverage can provide adequate reimbursement in the event of damage.

Extreme Oklahoma winds may be brought on by thunderstorms or tornados. These storms can result in serious damage to the home and property, while also putting home owners and family at risk. Wind proofing one’s home using vinyl siding Oklahoma City provides a good to prevent the damage of a wind storm.