The History of Body Shaping Underwear

The concept of body shaping goes way back in time.  However, their effect are still felt in women’s fashion today.   Many modern women are still wearing body shapers to support their body and to mold it.  They use it to enhance their figure by giving them a body that looks like they had just lost ten pounds. Discover how this underwear evolved through time. This underwear has a history that it underwent before reaching to what it is right now.

As early as eighteenth and nineteenth century, the body shaper was present in the form of corset. A corset cinches the waist and lifts the bosom area giving a woman a lady-like appearance. The fabric used in this type of garment was made o fish bones which was uncomfortable and limited the body’s movement. It also decreased the circulation of air in the body because of its form fitting structures.

In the twentieth century, different body shaping underwear appeared in the market paving the way for women to appear presentable but without the discomfort. There are new technologies that enable women to mimic the corsets without having to undergo the pain of wearing such stiff fabric. Different brands use many designs and fabric to give women extra comfort when wearing these undergarments compared to those form fitting corsets. Many are using this undergarment for special occasions wherein they lack time to exercise and don’t have discipline for diet. Women after giving birth wear it to help minimize those after pregnancy bulges while waiting to get their body back.

Today, body shaping undergarments are becoming more and more popular because celebrities in Hollywood use them for special events like the red carpet. It is also becoming hip for women because different styles are available for the targeted areas that a woman wants to mold. Many of these women are normal housewives who just want to look good when going out and hide the bulges they accumulated during their married life. Choosing the right product for your body needs will not be a problem because there are many available designs to choose from. There are also wide arrays of fabric that will suit the body of a woman who needs it.

Body shapers have gone through history wherein the main focus of its existence is to make women feel good about them selves by giving the support that they need for their body. It has evolved from your average corset with fish fabric to a wide array of different fabric that is suited for a woman’s need even A-list stars use them.