Using An Autoresponder Program

If you have an Internet business, one of the most important things you can do is build a list of potential customers who you can communicate with over time.  It is a known fact that most people will not buy from someone the first time they are pitched.  Especially online, people want to have a feeling of security before they spend money.  By using your list to communicate with these potential customers you build that trust level and thus eventually these people are more likely to buy.  The best way to collect these email addresses and names is with an autoresponder.

An autoresponder is actually the software that is used to contact your list but several companies also offer add-ons for your website which make it easy for your visitors to give you the information you desire.  The best method is to hover the collection page over your website page so the visitor either has to input their information or close the window.  This has shown to be a very effective method of collecting autoresponder leads.

To get the biggest number of people opting in you should offer something for free that they would find interesting.  This could be a free report or white paper, a free online course, or a series of information pages which would all be delivered via email.  The visitor is much more likely to offer up their information if they know they are getting something in return.

Once you have your list you can send out messages whenever you want.  What you don’t want to do is spam your list.  This is never very effective.  Instead, always make your messages worthwhile for your customers so they actually look forward to ready about your internet opportunities or what ever you are pitching.  You will be shut down if your list forwards your address to a spam site.  And in reality, these guys never really do very well any more anyway as people have become more savvy online.