Recover from Motorcycle Wrecks with Legal Advice

Everybody dreads the thought of being caught up in a car wreck and even more so an accident while riding a motorcycle. The latter is exceptionally dangerous given the vulnerability of a lightweight, two-wheel vehicle when slamming against vans, trucks, and others. Drivers and passengers can sustain serious injuries or worse. No wonder that statistics show this type of accident claims roughly 3,000 lives yearly. Survivors may be lucky to escape death but they still have to contend with trauma and injuries that may reduce their quality of life. Sometimes the blame falls on the motorcycle driver as in the case of drunk driving, yet findings show that most of the time it’s the other driver who is at fault, claiming not to see the motorbike in time to react.

The severity of the damage from motorcycle wrecks require costly mechanical repair or repurchase for the vehicle and soaring hospital bills for the victims, not to mention the loss of wages due to physical inability to perform work. If at all possible, the victims should act swiftly after the incident to ensure that rights will be protected and claims upheld when the case is heard in court. They must not leave the wreckage immediately. Their number one priority should be to call for help both from the nearest hospital and the police station.

Inform the officers of the desire to submit a formal report about the incident. Whether there are obvious injuries or not, the prudent thing is to let doctors conduct a thorough examination as these may bring about critical revelations. Obtain the other driver’s details but if he is uncooperative then at least get the plate number of the car for later tracing. Look around as to whether bystanders were present when the impact happened as they can testify as to the guilt or innocence of either party. Get their sworn statements if willing and note their names and contact numbers. Finally, the victim should search for a competent lawyer for legal representation.

These are admittedly quite a lot to handle after being dazed and shocked by such an incident but they are vital in building an air-tight case in court. Do not forego the medical tests as the results can serve as documentary evidence to advance claims for damages. The witness testimonies should be compiled and submitted to the police promptly for their appropriate action.

Oklahoma City personal injury law can be confusing so a local practitioner who is an expert at jurisprudence should be tapped to handle the case. Each lawyer specializes in a field and so getting an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney is ideal. Have a list of candidates ready and visit their offices for the customary free initial consultation. Probe their background and competence by asking pointed questions. A qualified Oklahoma motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to provide satisfactory answers and have a good track record in these cases. Find someone with a high aptitude in law, years of experience, and impressive communication skills to handle the case.