How to Securely Tow a Trailer

Accidents on the road involving trailers and trucks can sometimes be attributed to failure in securely fastening the trailer to the tow vehicle. Since a trailer and tow vehicle form one articulated vehicle, it causes more concerns to the drivers regarding road safety. Learn the basics of towing a cargo trailer here to ensure safe road trailering in the future.

· Check the compatibility of the tow vehicle and the trailer.
While most SUVs, trucks, vans and passenger cars can be equipped to tow a trailer, it is still important to consider the size and weight of the trailer to see if the towing vehicle will be able to tow it without problems. Check the tow vehicle’s tow rating to determine the size, maximum load weight and maximum tongue weight of the trailer that it can tow.

· Check the compatibility of the tow vehicle and trailer in terms of the hitching system, braking system as well as the wiring system.
The selection of the hitching and braking systems will depend on the tow vehicle and the maximum tongue weight of the trailer. Use the manufacturer’s recommendations.

· Proper loading and distribution of weight.
Learn how to balance the load and distribute the weight on all sides of the trailer to ensure that the trailer does not tilt on one side will traveling. This can pose problems, particularly when traveling in uneven roads.

· Adhere to State requirements.
Some states impose several regulations in towing a vehicle. You will need to acquire special permits and licenses depending on the size and weight of the trailer you are towing.

By checking the compatibility of the trailer and the tow vehicle, you can make informed decisions on the type equipment to use in hitching, braking and wiring them together. Considering the size and weight of the tow vehicle as well as that of the trailer will ensure that they are compatible, according to government standards. Familiarize yourself with proper hitching and towing procedures to ensure safe travel and enjoyable trip with family and friends. Additionally, safety precautions should be taken into consideration before hitching the trailer on the vehicle.

Safety checks are also important in keeping the trailer secure and tightly hinged to the tow vehicle. Make sure that the following parts are secure and intact: pin, which holds the ball mount; hitch coupler; spring bar hinges; safety chains; and electrical plugs. Always keep the manufacturer’s manual and seek expert advice before deciding on the type of trailer to tow. By taking extra precautions, you can get on the road with a trailer in tow safely.