Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants and Other Plant Books

Gardening and taking care of plants can be a simple and uncomplicated process that you can engage in. The way that I do it, I just engage in gardening as a means of getting some form of relaxation. It is in fact very effective. With it I can ease and release a great amount of the tension and stress that builds up inside of me. But gardening and taking care of plants can also be a complicated process. This is especially true for plants breeders who are trying to come up with newer varieties of plants that can increase food production and benefit us in a lot of ways. These breeders and experts in gardening need specialized knowledge in order to do their job and that means that they need a lot of books, here are some of the best books that they use in order to do their job:

Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants by Rex Bernardo– The characteristics of plants that are very important economically are all controlled by genes and can therefore be studied and manipulated in such a way that gardeners, farmers and plant breeders can make sure that they can produce the best varieties. That is the basic idea behind this important book. This book can help in understanding the basic of genetics and using it in a controlled breeding program for plants. This work has become the bible for many plant breeders because it is one of the first and most important work to tackle the matter. The second edition tackles the fact that molecular markers are now used in breeding programs for plants. This is a very handy work not just for academics but for practicing plant breeders as well.

The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers– This is the definitive work when it comes to describing different plants and flowers. With the expertise and the knowledge of the American Horticultural Society backing up this work, you can be sure that you are getting the right kind of information with it. If you are serious about your gardening then you should never go on without this work. It contains profiles of over 8,000 plants and flowers and has more than 4,000 photographs to help you in identification. This work can really come in handy for any gardener who is serious about taking care of his plants.

Step by Step Landscaping (Better Homes and Garden Gardening)– This book is from the editors of Better Homes and Garden and is considered to be one of the most definitive guides when it comes to landscaping. The book has more than a hundred complete projects that you can work on and about 700 hundred photographs that makes the projects easy to understand and follow as well as making the book very interesting. To make things even easier on you the book has estimates on the total and the skill level needed on each project so you can assess right away if you can try finishing it or not.