Step by Step Guide on How to Change a Shower Head

How to change a shower head

There can be countless reasons for learning how to change your shower head. It could be that your existing shower head is leaking or possibly you have decided to upgrade to one of the new full-featured variety. Whatever you reasons may be, this project is a home improvement that most anyone can handle.

How to change a shower head: step 1

The first thing to do when you are changing a shower head is to remove the old one. Normally, replacing an existing shower head is straightforward and simply requires unscrewing the present showerhead. With most ordinary pipe threads, the existing shower head should be turned to the right.

It does not take long to grasp that when changing a shower head, it may not always go as effortlessly, as one might hope. From time to time, due to the condition and/or age of the existing shower head, it may appear stuck. Generally using a pair of pliers, you can free a stubborn shower head.

How to change a shower head: step 2

The next step is preparing the pipe when learning to change a shower head. You must use pipe tape to seal it and keep the pipe from leaking where the shower head screws on. This involves applying the pipe tape to the threads. Simply cut enough of the pipe tape to wrap around the pipe and press it into the pipe threads. Now it is time to move on to step three of how to change a shower head.

How to change a shower head: step 3

At this time the old shower head has been removed and the pipes have been properly sealed, all that is left is to attach the new shower head by screwing it onto the threads. It maybe necessary to use the pliers again in order to get a tight seal, using a towel around the shower head and applying firm even pressure can prevent scratching the finish.

How to change a shower head: step 4

Now that you have replaced your shower head, it is time to test out your work.
To check the seal you made with the pipe tape, turn on the hot water in the shower and allow it to run for a full two minutes. The hot water will tighten the seal and help to set the pipe tape you just put on and the high pressure will let you know if you need to address any leaks.

Changing a shower head is one of the really simple DIY home improvements that require minimal effort and skill, in addition to being easy to learn. When buying new homes Oklahoma City or commercial real estate Oklahoma City, it maybe quite some time before you are required to change your shower head. Oklahoma City home builders are installing shower heads that will last longer, and home builders Oklahoma City install shower heads of much higher quality. Now at least you are familiar with how to replace a shower head yourself, should you ever have the need.