How to Lay Ceramic Tile on Concrete

A lot of people turn to ceramic tiles for flooring with a few even choosing to do the job themselves instead of hiring a contractor. It can be tedious but it’s not that difficult, especially if the tiles are going to be laid on top of concrete. While some wood flooring Oklahoma City residents still prefer that rustic charm, tiles have a certain appeal of their own. Just find ones that match the interiors and the house will definitely sparkle – all without the need to break the bank.

1. The most important thing is to make the surface ready so that the tiles can stick there properly. Homeowners need to clean the concrete by brushing it with trisodium phosphate dissolved in water as per packaging directions. This has to be done meticulously so that no spot is overlooked. Allow the surface to dry up before proceeding.

2. Inspect every inch of the ground to look for cracks. These will have to be filled out prior to laying the tiles so that the end product with be nice and smooth. Mend these before anything else.

3. After the cracks, look for bumps that requires sanding or other methods to even out. If there are large dips then these have to be remedied as well. Let the material dry well overnight or for however long is recommended to avoid problems later on.

4. When finished with priming the surface, check it again for cleanliness and imperfections like in Step 1. Repeat the previous procedures if any blemishes are found. On the other hand, the floor must not be so smooth that the tiles might slide off easily. Using a sander or etching solution, go ahead and try to make the surface a little coarser.

5. Look around the house and draw up a strategy on how to organize the tiles. This step is vital because rarely will the tiles perfectly fit the whole floor area. The center won’t be a problem but some tiles around the edges and corners will likely require cutting to fit in.

6. Blend a small amount of mortar on the concrete surface. Be conservative as this tends to dry rapidly and putting too much can cause issues. Alternatively, one can use ready-made adhesives right off hardware shelves for convenience.

7. Apply the mixture using a trowel on a limited part of the surface. Use a notched kind for greater adhesion. The tiles should be pressed into the mortar and subtly adjusted to be sure that it sticks well. Align them properly by making use of spacers.

8. Allow the mortar to dry out. In the meantime, the grout mixture can be prepared on the side. When moisture from the mortar is completely gone then the grout can finally be made to fill in the spaces. Ensure an even spread. Excesses may be wiped clean with a lightly wet rag.

9. Allow the grout to dry and set, after which it will probably sink a little. Repeat Step 8.

10. Wait until the layers of grout are completely dry then clean the whole floor surface with wet rags. Let dry again then use regular cloth to wipe away grout haze. A sealer may also be used for stain prevention.

Wood floor installation Oklahoma City can be taxing and ceramic tiles make a more feasible alternative. Tiles are also much cheaper than hardwood floors Oklahoma City residents can attest to that.