The Best Toys For Boy Toddlers

You know what the best toys for four-year-old boys are? If your answer is no, then you are not alone. Like many parents in the past, I went to my local toy store with some ideas in mind after the birth of my son and I was really excited as I had been thinking of several things to buy for a quite a number of weeks.

But are the best toys the ones that are being offered out there? What factors determine how suitable the toys are for your particular child? Much later when I asked my son about his choice of a toy for his birthday, it was clear that he was influenced to a large extent by television! To think that you could make the best choice for your child! After reading an article recently, I tried to buy toys for this son, this time with two important things in mind. Let me explain.

First of all, what I try to buy are toys that have some educational value. This is very important as children are usually more than willing to explore new ideas; they may even learn better ways of doing things when this is done through play or in the form of a game. Educational toys for toddlers are very important in their development. Say, a good toy for a boy of four years may be a wooden train set. This could lead to a father teaching his son about walking through trains, and distinguishing modern ones from steam trains; they may also have a conversation and general discussion about travelling, etc. Definitely, the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve gotten your child hooked on a particular topic, you are off to a very good start.

Another thing is that playing with these toys can also help strengthen family ties; this is my belief. This is especially as most of us would rather work a lot on the computer these days, and this has sadly led to social interaction among family members becoming nil. It seems that, for a lot of people, family time has virtually disappeared. One of the best toys for 2 year olds that I bought my son was a recent model of an aircraft. This toy was educational so my child gained a lot by playing with it. This is as children always want to play with his loved ones. You may also want to go on an excursion to the park which is perfect for renewing and strengthening family ties, so to speak. At the park, even the dog will feel free to go where the family goes. Gosh, wait till I get home; I can’t wait to get the plane out of the closet full of toys!

Another tip is to ask your child what he wants as birthday or Christmas gift. Then, all you have to do is go over the list, and select the ones you think are the best toys for four-year old boys. Just make sure that they meet the criteria of being educational and inspiring. If you can find a toy that would involve the entire family in a game, that would be even better.