Learning How to Clean Window Screens the Easy Way

A step by step guide to cleaning window screens

Efficiently cleaning a window screen takes slow work that can be frustrating sometimes. You are going to take them through a three step process that will make your new homes Oklahoma City look nice and new.

There are a few tools your are going to need to do this:
-A three gallon bucket, or something close to this size
-Plenty of water
-A soft brush, medium-sized
-Soap or detergent, dish soap works well
-Hand towels, lint-free are best

Cleaning the screens:
Many modern homes, especially new homes Edmond OK, have a variety of sizes and shapes of windows around the home, making it hard to get a rhythm going when you first try cleaning your screens. In this case it may be best to clean them one at a time, so you don’t try to put the wrong screens in the wrong windows at the end.

You may come across different opinions on how exactly to handle the cleaning process, but a good way to begin is to pull them all out of the windows and leave them along the wall below. This is best if they come off on the outside, so you can just walk around the home and set them aside.

After this, you may want to batch the screens up two or three at a time, and clean them all at once. You will be washing a few at once, and then setting them back along the wall to dry after you are done.

A good window screen washing tip: If you do this cleaning on a warm sunny day the screens will dry so quickly that you could almost put them right back in the windows after done washing.

Step 1: You will need lots of water, so fill the bucket up, preferably with warm water. Put a little soap in the water – not too much though, you do not need much. Use the brush to lather the water up, and then lightly scrub both sides of each screen.

Step 2: Pick up the screens one at a time, and lightly shake the screen so that the water shakes out. You will want to be careful doing this, as even new screens that come on homes for sale in Edmond OK can be broken if you do this roughly. Be as gentle as possible – the water will come out.

Step 3: Wipe the screen down. Once the excess water is gone, wipe the remainder down. Now it can be put back in the window.

General tips: Keep grills away from windows, as the smoke will gum up the screen and make it dirtier and harder to clean than normal, not to mention it will also discolor the glass behind the screen. If you are already in this position, you may need to purchase a degreaser to help break the scum up. This is a good thing to know, especially for Edmond Oklahoma homes for sale that need a good cleaning.