Choosing Perfect Pawn Shop Names for Your Business

The name of your business or company is important, as it is typically the first impression that a potential customer has, and if the business in question is one of the pawn shops in Oklahoma City such as Dakota Financial, it is still essential to come up with a name that makes an initial and lasting impression. A name can be catchy or clever, funny or serious, but it is often a reflection of the owner’s personality and character. If your pawn shop specializes in a certain item, for example if you are one of the shops that are gold buyers Oklahoma City, the name can perhaps be a reflection of that too. If you are opening a pawn shop and are trying to come up with just the right name, here are some mistakes that should definitely be avoided.

Involving The Committee

Do not make the mistake of getting everybody involved in choosing your name, from family to friends and even potential customers. Too many people involved is confusing and is unlikely to lead to a good solution, and it is recommended that you keep the decision makers to a couple of people. To avoid coming up with a list of rather dull and unimaginative names, make sure at least one of you is creative.

The Train Wreck Method

If you have found yourself staying up all night frantically trying to come up with a good name and the only thing that you can come up with is a name which combines two words, you may want to think again. Names such as Pawnquik or Readipawn are not particularly imaginative for a cash for gold Oklahoma City store or other pawn shop, and you can do better than that.

Giving Your Store An Obvious Name

Drive through any American town or city and you will almost certainly drive past at least one pawn shop, with the name pawn shop, or sometimes just simply the word pawn. Of course, this clearly indicates what type of store you have, which is important, but the name does not stand out from the dozens of other pawn shops out there. An amusing name can be devised based on what your shop sells; if you sell gold Oklahoma City, that can be incorporated into the name.

Do Not Make It Too Obscure

Some names can tell a story, or perhaps hold special significance for someone. However, be careful picking one of these names for your store, as it is possible and all too easy to have a name that is so clever and so obscure that nobody understands it other than yourself. A shop name that means that you are the best, in a foreign language or a name that is based on a mythical hero that nobody has heard of are both good examples.

Choosing The Wrong Name And Not Changing It

Being adaptable is important if you are a small business owner, and even though you feel you have come up with the perfect name, you need to know when it is no longer working and be prepared to change it. If the name of your store passes into everyday slang and comes to have a different meaning, you may want to consider changing the name.