Does Talking to Plants Help Them Grow

When I was a child I hear my Grandma often claimed that her plants were exceptionally healthy because she always talked to them. To be fair, I have never seen a garden that could exceed or even just exceed my Grandma’s garden. Her plants looked so wonderful and blooming with flowers that seemed ready to burst forth. It really was an exceptional looking garden when I think about it. She did talk to her plants, a lot. Sometimes when there were no classes I stayed in their place. Every morning that I woke up from my room I could her chattering away to her plants. She was giving particular encouragement to the flowers and was very successful at it.

Does Talking to Plants Help Them Grow- Years later after I started doing some little gardening on my spare time. That was when I remembered my grandmother and her practice of taking to her beloved plants. Since I wanted my plants to grow well just like any gardener and plant lover, I decided to do some research into the matter. I wanted to know if talking to the plants could really help out.

I did some research into the matter to find out the truth about the matter. It turns out that there is actually some truth into it. talking to plants does have some benefits for them and it can encourage them to grow healthy and strong although for entirely different reasons from what we have in mind.

Where it Came from- The idea that plants can be encouraged to grow by talking to them is certainly not a new one. It has been around for quite some time but the first time that someone wrote about was in the 19th century when a German scientists suggested that plants have emotions just like humans. He suggested that by giving attention and by talking to plants you could encourage them to become healthy and strong. One other prominent person who believed that plants can benefit from talking to them is Luther Burbank who is renowned for creating new varieties of plants including the Idaho potato. He believed that plants can understand emotions telepathically so while they can not understand what you are saying to them directly, the mere fact that you are talking to them can help to promote their health and their growth.

More recently there was a study claiming that music can have a direct effect on the growth of plants. Some studies seem to confirm the idea that classical and other forms of relaxing music can help a plant to grow well while rock and other forms of aggressive music can have an adverse effect to their growth.

Scientific Study-Scientists suggest that talking to [plants can be beneficial since we give off carbon dioxide as by-product of our breathing. Plants on the other end need that gas in order to continue with their process of making their own food. So it is really not what you say when you talk to your plants that makes them grow but rather what goes out of your mouth in the form of carbon dioxide.