Jumpstart Your Career as a Freelance Writer

So, you finally decided to quit your day time job and try your luck in freelance writing. You did it because many people are already doing it and you see that they are earning a lot of money from working with their pajamas on. Now, you’re there sitting in front of your computer, hovering through your mouse and thinking about how to jump start your career as a freelance writer. At some point, you may find it a bit difficult to start with especially because you are just new to the business, but soon enough you’ll get by, and better opportunities will flow down to your stream in just a matter of time. While you’re still trying to figure things out, here are some tips that you might find useful.

Create an Online Portfolio

Freelancing also means selling; in this case, you are selling your services. There’s no better way to advertise your own self than having a portfolio where your skills and interests are clearly outlined. Create a website where you can showcase your skills in article writing and at the same time, use it as an opportunity to introduce yourself and the things that you do. Make an online profile that contains your name, location, previous work experiences that are relevant to writing, and your field of expertise. It would also be more helpful if you include a little description about yourself in order for you to gain trust from possible clients. This is also a way for the clients to easily see your qualifications. Don’t forget to include your contact details so that the clients will easily be able to reach you if they want to hire your services. Just one thing, never post something that isn’t true; else you’re doomed.

Redeem the Writer in You

Once you already have your personal website, constantly update it with blog posts. This is not only to bring your website to a higher page rank; but also, it will serve as the reflection of your ability to write quality articles. Since you are in the field of content writing, then it is just but appropriate to show to the possible clients that you are a competitive and dependable writer. Post some interesting and informative articles on your website, as this will most likely to reveal your style of writing.

Advertise Yourself

Again, this career is also selling and therefore you have to have some advertising campaign in order for the clients to take note of your presence. Be active online by joining forums and group discussions related to your niche. These places are swarmed with online marketers looking for writers. Participate in the discussions and share your comments and opinions. You should know, however, that even though freelancing means selling, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to oversell yourself. Carrying your seat and trying hard to convince online marketers to hire you will only give you nothing. Instead, show your sincerity and dedication. Talk smart and think smart.