Belfast City, Northern Ireland: A Tourist’s Quick Guide

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, has received a bad reputation across the globe because of issues that transpired during the so-called “The Troubles”, when the city was the sight of countless of gunning and bombings. During this period, a lot of areas in the city were closed to tourists and British vacationers were discouraged to visit the place since they were repeatedly made to sense that they are unwelcome.

But then again, now Belfast is once again politically stable and although it is not as famous with vacationers as Dublin, it still makes for a wonderful destination if you are looking to spend an excellent time discovering and exploring. Attractions:There is a plethora of attractions as well as things that you can do in the city. In fact, a week or even a month would still not be enough to visit all of the various attractions. If you like family attractions, then you must absolutely see the W5, which is an interactive museum that your whole family would surely enjoy. Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory is another attraction that you should never miss. Another place worthy of a visit is the Exploris Aquarium.

Bars and Restaurants:There is an overabundance of restaurants and bars that you can take a pick from in Belfast. Some restaurants offer great local and traditional cuisine, while there are also some others that offer fine international dishes. You can find different restaurants here in Belfast that caters to any budget, from a typical pizza parlor to a fine dining restaurant. As for the nightlife in Belfast, it is very much alive and there actually is a wide range of both contemporary nightclubs and traditional pubs available. Many of these bars and pubs offer great live music and entertainment and the atmosphere in all of them is very jolly. Its Ireland after all, what do you expect!  Excellent for weekend breaks in Northern Ireland.

The bar scene is rather large and if you wanted, you could easily find yourself bar hopping for the entire trip. Watch for that though – nothing worse than being too hung over while trying to enjoy your trip.

Transportation:If you are thinking of traveling to Belfast, then you might actually find it to be a good idea to rent a car. This will provide you with an excellent opportunity to check out not only Belfast, but also other places in Northern Ireland. Renting a car offers you the chance to come and then go whenever you want, without having the need to depend on public transportation and/or organized tours. A vacation to the city of Belfast will forever be a wonderful experience, wherein you can savor the hospitality of Belfast people, while having a drink in any of the bars throughout the city.

You can even find a lot of things to do just by going to the city center and walking on just about any direction.Book a flight and find your hotel.  There is plenty to see, do and experience.