Romantic Pick Up Lines Can Actually Work

They say that the first impression you make when meeting someone will the the only impression that will stay in their mind. If you don’t grab their attention and intrigue, amuse, or excite them in some way, you will never have another chance. This is where the perfect pick up lines come into play. Now, keep in mind that anything crude or disrespectful is not going to help, it will be over immediately. But, if you use romantic pickup lines that bring a smile to their face then you definitely have your foot in the door.

Practice makes perfect and it is the same when it comes to approaching women. If you stand in front of her and stammer or appear nervous then it doesn’t matter what you say, she is too busy wondering why you are even in her airspace. Your best option is to figure out two or three romantic pick up lines and practice saying them. Remember a speech you had to make in school, same concept. The more you say it the more comfortable you become and the easier it rolls off the tongue. Choose generic lines that will work for any woman, if you are having to change blue eyes to brown eyes (for example, as in ‘you have the most beautiful blue eyes’) it will stilt the cadence of the compliment. So, choose something more along the lines of ‘your smile is absolutely beautiful’ or ‘your eyes (omitting the color) are absolutely gorgeous’.

Now, you have two lines that can be used on any woman you are attracted to, now all you have to do is get them to flow off of your tongue. Stand in front of the mirror before you go out and practice saying them with a smile on your face. Once you have them down pat then you are ready to try them out. Even though they are “pick-up” lines they are also very nice compliments that any woman will enjoy hearing. Try it out on the lady in the elevator and make her day much brighter. Try it out on the cashier at the store and I guarantee you will be her favorite customer.

You know your lines, you have practiced them until they roll off the tongue, and you have learned how to say them sincerely. Now you are ready to use them for real. The next time you see a woman you are attracted to, walk up to her and give her a compliment. You might not get a date but you will be known as a sweet and generous man. And, remember, women talk to each other – the better your reputation the better your chances of actually impressing the woman you desire.