The GoPro Hero2 Surf Camera has a lot to offer

I’m a keen surfer, but I’m also a keen photographer. I love taking shots of other surfers on different types of waves. I haven’t been able to capture any aerials yet, but I have got some quite amazing shots, especially since I don’t even have a DSLR. I have always wanted to get some shots closer to the action. I haven’t found a camera that enables me to do that yet. Of course if I was prepared to spend money for equipment that they use to film pros like Kelly Surfer then I would be happy but I’m just a poor surfer. I have used a couple of surf cameras here and there, but at the end of the day you find that the quality is really poor or they get lost in the ocan so it is not really worth it.

I knew about the GoPro Hero2 surf edition, but again I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something if I know it is going to break down. The other day I was out at my local beach and I saw another guy using a surf camera on his board. It happened to be the GoPro. I asked him about it and he said it really beats any other surf camera on the market.

He told me he would show me the results. I had a look at the camera. It had a nice wide angled lens. This is the first thing I noticed. This meant that you are not going to get an end result of the camera focusing on a part of your wetsuit. The other feature I liked was that it had a leash attached to it. This would prevent it from getting lost in the ocean.

After I had a look at the images I was really surprised. The quality was excellent. One thing I will say, however is that you may not want to consider this camera if you ride a shortboard and you are constantly on the look to improve your skills. If you are doing aerials you want the right weight and a couple of grams more is going to put you out. I ride a longboard so it was perfect for me.

I have seen it on other shortboards before, but this is just for people who are looking to mess about and surf because of the love which if you think about is what surfing should be about. If you are looking to take some awesome shots of yourself without having to fiddle around with the menu, then make a movie and show it to a couple of friends on your HDTV then this is the thing for you. The software is easy to get around and overall I rate as one of the top cameras out there.

Gopro is a company that has risen through the ranks and have really out classed some of the top manufacturers to come up with cameras that can produce a good quality shot whilst providing the user with ease of use.