What are the Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Being diagonsed with diabetes is not something that you wnat to have happen to you. Many people who find themselves in this place don’t even realize that the symptoms are all there. They may have a busy job or a time in their life which is very demanding and this means that they are usually tired. They will usually blame the symptoms of diabetes on the situation. Only to find that when they go for a check up and realize that their blood sugar is sky high that it is too late.

This is what happened to me, except I was fortunate enough to catch the symptoms of diabetes just in time. I was working as a chef at a mission organization where I was constantly busy cooking food for other people. I didn’t have a lot of time to look after my own needs so I often would take a break and have a quick snack which included a slice of white bread smeared with peanut butter and honey. On top of that coffee was always the order of the day for me and this didn’t go without adding three teaspoons of sugar to my cup. This got me through the day.

Later on, I noticed I was feeling tired, more hungry and thrirsty. I just decided to quench my thirst a little more and more snacking was also a thing that I went for. I noticed that I was going to the toilet a lot more. Finally, after being sluggish and not being able to cope through the day I decided to get myself checked out. My doctor told me that I was seriously close to being diabetic and if I don’t change my ways very soon then I would be hit by something more serious.

From that day on I adapted my lifestyle to something more on the healthy side. I have to admit, this is not always easy to do. It may means changing a few things at home. One thing that you can do for yourself is plan and get yourself organized. Know what you should be eating and devise a menu week by week. If you stick to something like that you can be sure that you will not go off the beaten track. Have all of your ingredients in your home so you will have to plan a shop for this. If you start your whole family off on a plan like this and get your kids educated from a young age about what they can eat and what they should avoid then you can be confident that there will be no problems in the future.

Having your blood sugar checked every so often is also a wise decision to make. This only takes a couple of minutes and it will give you some more peace about the whole situation. Remember that it is all about what goes into your system that matters. Diabetes is huge in the United States and it is escalating so don’t be the next victim.