The History And Benefits Of Double Glazing In The Home

When you think of double glazing what automatically springs to mind? Perhaps avoiding the knock on the door when you see a salesperson approach. Or maybe you just think of plastic looking white window frames? Some people have negative opinions on double glazing; others see it as the perfect addition to your home. Whatever your thoughts, this guide looks at the ins and outs of double glazed windows and whether they could truly benefit you.

The history of double glazing

Believe it or not, double glazing has been around since the 1930s, although was not widely in use until the 1950s. The original double glazed window was manufactured in America under the name Thermopane and some companies still use this trademark today.

At first, double glazing was pretty poor and average materials were used in an effort to keep heat within homes. They soon realised that the metal used was conducting the heat, therefore keeping it within the window and not actually in the home!

Since then, the techniques and procedures have evolved, with the use of new processes and materials. Now you will find that the spacers (used between each pane of glass) will be made with improved aluminium and a thermal barrier or even foam.

In between each pane of glass will normally be air, which will keep the heat locked safely away within your home. More advanced double glazing will actually use Argon in between each pane as this does an even better job.

Double glazed windows have come a long way from the highly expensive and not so effective specimens of the 1930s. Now you can expect a whole range of styles, designs and materials such as aluminium, PVC and even wood frames.

The benefits of double glazed windows
Double glazing actually has a whole range of benefits, some more known that others. In fact, if you just let that cold salesperson in for a cup of tea, you may already know some of these!

The main one is the amount of energy it can conserve and energy costs money. Double glazing acts as a form of insulation which means it keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Your home will be a lot toastier, meaning less turning on the heating when it gets chilly outside.

Along with saving money and energy, you are also doing your bit for the environment. Using less energy means that you are reducing your carbon footprint and using less of our dwindling fossil fuel reserves. ‘Going green’ is a big topic for everywhere at the moment, so it is good to show you are doing your bit.

Another key benefit is the reduction in sound pollution once double glazed windows have been installed. Those who live in busy areas in towns and cities will know all too well what noise pollution is! Because of their clever design, these windows can block the noise from outside, making your house much more peaceful. They also work the other way too, so people cannot listen in to your private conversations.

Finally, a little known benefit, but one that makes sense, is the added security to your home. Double glazing makes it a lot harder for someone to break in through a window, and most thieves won’t even bother trying. Again, those who live in cities, or within a known area for crime, will find this to be a huge benefit!


Double glazing is not just all about a man with a clipboard knocking on your door, there is actually a history and reasoning behind it all. That poor person that you hide from sometimes just wants to let you know the benefits that you could be gaining from changing over your windows.

Of course, door to door sales are on the way out now, which is why people turn to the internet for information on a subject such as double glazing. Hopefully, this article will have given you an insight into the history behind the whole thing and the benefits that changing your windows could bring to your home.

Written by Nathan Griffiths who recommends for the best Double Glazing Swindon has available to contact Therma Glaze.