2 Creative Ideas For Maximising Space in the Home

When it comes to furnishing the home, keeping as much space available as possible, without gagging your ‘inner interior designer,’ can be a challenge.

All rooms need to be thoroughly blue-printed, with measurements and prioritisations as to what needs to go where. And with houses generally getting smaller, the more space you can squeeze out of a room, the better.

Scandic-style minimalism has never been more on-trend, or more practical. We have seen space saving interior designs flourish – storage drawers in stair cases, slide out pantries, stow away televisions and pop up kitchen utensil holders, all gracing the modern consumer market.

Creating space doesn’t necessarily have to rely on innovative storage solutions. Try using two interior designer ‘tricks of the trade’ – filling the corners in a room, and the magic of mirrors. Your decorative ambitions can then flow through from matching wall paper to curtain colours, right down to what many may deem as one of the more mundane of household furnishings – heating units.

Keeping warm without sacrifice

Whether you’re building your home from scratch, or treating yourself to a refurbishment, having some sort of heating unit installed goes without saying – especially with the harsh British winter clawing its way back again (so soon!). But which heating solution should you explore? One that won’t leave a horrendous scar on your decor masterpiece, and won’t eat away at the space you worked so hard to create.

Many people think radiators are always bulky, steel-panel eyesores. However, with huge progression in the industry, smaller space-saving radiators that heat the home effectively are readily available on the market. Not to mention the creative, artistic designs and an abundance of colours you have to choose from!

Fill the nooks and crannies

The ideal home is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. The former is best achieved through your favourite decor and the latter by maximizing your space efficiently. This means taking into consideration every nook and cranny —including your corners.

Have a look around the room you are in now, and I can guarantee there are at least two empty corners, just waiting to be filled. So why not utilise that space with the installation of a radiator? It’s a necessity to have some sort of heating system, so try opting for a unit with a bit of creativity behind it.

Take for example a contemporary corner radiator. Its ingenious design means you can make use of space that is usually neglected – for example in a bathroom or the corner of a hallway. Along with the bonus options of adding a towel rail, bench or hat rack to the unit, a corner radiator is an aesthetically satisfying way to heat your home, while making use of space that might rather be used once a year for your Christmas tree.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirrors are another clever tactic for maximising small spaces; doubling the apparent size of a room and making even the tiniest of quarters seem spacious. However, the trick is to use the right mirror. A mistaken belief is that ‘the more mirrors, the bigger the room,’ with people plastering entire walls with the reflective accessories. This is a general mistake and will actually make the room look smaller. The rule is to use one mirror as more of an accent piece – rather than a wallpaper replacement.

A modern radiator with a fitted mirror can essentially be a two-in-one solution to consider when you want to invest in the magic of mirrors, but your conscience prevents you from spending money that could be used to keep your home warm. With a mirror running the full length of the radiator, it essentially ‘kills two birds with one stone’ – creating the illusion that a room is bigger than it really is, while effectively keeping you and your family warm at the same time.

Keeping stylishly warm

While it is almost an obligation as well as a basic human need to keep your household cosy this winter, and for future winters to come, you don’t have to sacrifice your budding interior design ambitions. With today’s contemporary corner and fashionable mirror-fitted radiators, you can utilise space saving skills of maximising useful corner space and the room extending illusions of mirrors, to keep warm, but have space this Christmas.

Laura Harrison writes for designer radiator specialist Jaga Home Heating. When she isn’t blogging about the latest interior design tips and techniques, she’s found at the gym or walking her dog, Sprinkle.