Choosing a Tea Pot to go with your Kitchen

When choosing table ware and items for your kitchen, you may not have considered a tea pot. Many people these days choose the convenience of tea bags over loose tea and find it easier to brew tea directly in a mug. However brewing tea in a proper pot greatly improves the taste and is a much nicer way to serve tea to guests if you have visitors.

Tea pots do not have to be old fashioned items. There are now many modern funky and stylish tea pots you can buy to suit your contemporary styled home. Glass tea pots look great and allow you to watch the tea brewing so you know exactly when it’s reached the desired strength. There are also some stylish aluminum tea pots available to buy or you can choose classic white porcelain which looks great in any home.

If your aesthetic is more towards the style of the Far East, Japanese tea pots are beautiful and simple objects and perfect for brewing green tea. If you enjoy drinking green tea you’ll know that it is mostly available as loose tea, which tastes much better than tea from tea bags. You need a proper tea pot with which to brew loose leaf tea and you can choose from either clay or cast iron tea pots in a Japanese style.

There are of course many more traditional designs available which look great in a country cottage kitchen or any home designed on a traditional theme. These styles are usually in porcelain or ceramic and come painted with floral or blue and white china themed designs.

You may wish to buy a whole tea set instead of just a tea pot. This is the perfect way of serving tea to guests and tea sets look beautiful on display in any kitchen. You can buy many styles of tea sets and tea pots from department stores or from specialist tea ware stores online.