Car Fridge Satisfaction

One of the more enjoyable modifications that you can make to your car or truck is the installation of an in car fridge.  While this is not the type of mod that provides your vehicle more power or better off-road performance, it is satisfying in a different way.

Adding a car fridge freezer to your vehicle gives you some of the most basic luxuries of home – i.e. cold food and drinks – in even the most remote and rugged of off-road locations.

If the trips you take involve a lot of driving, then you are probably best served by a 12v car fridge.  This type or car refrigerator draws its power from your automobiles 12v DC electrical system.  The technology powering these appliances is very energy efficient, and if a quality model is chose it is possible to find units that can run on as little as one to one and a half amps.

These quality brands – which include ARB, National Luna and Engel fridges – are all engineered to draw very little current, and to operate reliably in the most punishing of conditions.  While rather expensive, you can be assured you are getting good value for your money with any of these brands.

Most of these models also have the ability to function as a freezer.   This provides you the functionality of a car fridge freezer in one device.  One word of caution, if planning on using a 12v DC fridge for days on end, take some time to compare the power usage of the model against your vehicles battery capacity.  It may be wise to invest in a dual battery setup for your truck (although this is wise for anyone driving to remote destinations)

If you have less ambitious goals than off-road adventuring, there are also car fridges more suitable for ‘soccer mom’ duty.  Small cheap 12v mini fridges are also available.   These should not be used for extended periods of time, as the absorption cooling technology they use is considerably less frugal with their energy draw than the premium compression models.

There are a wide range of car fridges available to suit varying applications. Whichever route you take,  be satisfied with your latest vehicular mod.